Glamping At Longberry Farm

I have this real passion for travelling at the moment. There’s something so exciting about packing the car up and finding new places to adventure as a family. Our latest exploration of the UK saw us searching for glamping options on the Campsites website. We’ve only been glamping once before and the girls have wanted to do it again ever since. Seeing as we were in the middle of a heatwave, we thought it would be a great opportunity to relax in the sunshine right in the middle of the countryside.

We found Longberry Farm in Bethersden, Ashford which is just over an hour away from our home. The site has five tent options, a converted stable and there’s also a vintage caravan option coming very soon. I wanted to create a review of this glamping site and of course document what we got up to so please keep reading. There’s a video right at the bottom of this post too.


We had the joy of staying in the Buttercup tent. This tent sleeps six and is the largest of the five onsite. The beds were great sized beds; two doubles and two singles. It was a little bit like walking into a circus tent if I’m honest. There was space for even my 6ft husband to stand up without knocking his head and the floor area for the children to play in was fantastic too.

Some glamping sites require you to bring bedding, towels and that sort of thing. Longberry Farm has bedding for all beds plus a towel per person too. There’s also plenty of battery powered side lights, fairy lights hanging from the support posts and a torch provided too. The decor inside was so cosy.

In each tent there is also a box of cooking utensils, the cabinet has cutlery, bowls, plates and cups to use and be returned too. So when the website says just bring clothes and food, they really are telling the truth!

The outdoor area around your private tent has a firepit with two chairs, an excellent sized BBQ with a picnic table close to it too. It’s the perfect set up for a mini break in the UK. It’s worth noting that there is no WiFi available or electricity inside the tents, however there is brilliant signal!

Cooking Facilities

Obviously if you are a natural born wild survivor, you could cook on the camp fire near your tent. My family is definitely not that. Longberry Farm has a really extensive kitchen area for a campsite. It’s a communal area so anything left there is obviously at your own risk but they have a large fridge/freezer to store any food inside. There’s also a microwave available, kettle and toaster. As you can see from the photo they provide so many different utensils, plates, complimentary tea and coffee AND hot chocolate.

On the other side of the kitchen shed (which I forgot to photograph) there is a sofa, bookshelves with some books, a little bar table area that has a shutter that opens up looking on to the large BBQ and communal seating area. There’s also spare blankets, picnic cooler bags and blankets, and hot water bottles. The kitchen area has lots of electricity sockets for charging phones etc.

On the outside of the kitchen shed there is a drinking water tap. It would have been more convenient placed inside the kitchen but it’s one that naturally drains into the ground so I understand why I had to wander around the shed each time I wanted to use the kettle or get the girls a drink.

Communal Seating

There are three areas of the communal seating. The dining area is in the centre which ample seating. Then on the right is a raise more casual area to chill on. The entire area is lit up at night by pressing a button. It’s such a cute and cosy place to be in.

Then the third area is right in the centre of the campsite. There’s a large fire pit with seating arranged around it. We didn’t actually get to use this area as we had our own fire pit and the weather wasn’t great. There was only one other family onsite at the time with a younger child who was asleep at a decent time, unlike mine…

Washing Up Facilities

Over near the toilet building, just outside, there are two sinks. It’s open air so not great when it’s raining but Longberry Farm has provided washing up liquid and hand soap. There’s a sponge and tea towels for you to use to wash up your dishes etc.

Toilets & Wash Facilities

I was really impressed with the toilet and shower block. I’ve experienced quite a few campsites in my childhood, many of them terrified me a little bit. Longberry Farm have decorated their toilets and wash facilities to really modern and high standards. It was super clean and fresh smelling. They had provided hand soap, paper towels, loads of toilet rolls, a baby changing unit complete with potty, a baby bath and wipes too. Honestly, as far as toilets go this was really well equipped! They also had a hairdryer for guest use too.

Quick Overall Thoughts

We had a really comfortable stay at Longberry Farm. The owner came to greet us on arrival, the facilities were well stocked and equipped. We couldn’t have asked for more as a family. They also have a hot tub available for an extra cost and you get it for the duration of your stay. It’s in a great location in Kent, we actually visited The Rare Breeds Centre which wasn’t far at all.

Our Stay Day One

We arrived late afternoon after a full day at The Rare Breeds Centre (Blog post coming soon) and we were all really excited to chill out. You can check in to Longberry Farm from 3pm. We was greeted by the lovely owner of the campsite (it’s a family run business and they actually live onsite but far enough away to let you get on with it), she explained where everything was and we headed down to the Buttercup Tent that would be our home for two nights.

The girls quickly settled themselves in, getting out their toys and playing on the field. The entire site is fenced off, there’s a few pond/deep water areas which are signed appropriately, but other than that it’s super safe for children to have a bit of freedom. As I said earlier there was only one other family onsite so it was very peaceful and being in the middle of the countryside helped too.

We had packed some pot noodles and snacks to eat for our meal as we’d had a large lunch at the Rare Breeds Centre. We decided to all chill out in the communal seating area near the kitchen to enjoy the view. Then the girls just ran around freely to and from the tent. Normally the girls can be a little crazy on our holidays so this was a really welcome change for us. I was definitely kicking myself in the bottom for leaving my laptop behind because I could have got so much done, but it was nice to switch off of course.

As the sun started to set, the temperature dropped and it started to become a little chilly. We decided it was the perfect chance to build our fire. Longberry Farm have a great log store with cute little wooden wheelbarrows to use. P1 and P2 helped to gather the wood and provided fire starters and we headed back to the tent.

I left the fire to Hubby as he’s the wanna-be Bear Grylls of the family. I joke! The girls get totally transfixed by the flames and ask so many questions. It was really lovely feeling the warmth of the fire as the sun set behind us.

Then night time fell and I totally forgot how cold camping can be. Even when you’re glamorous camping! I didn’t pack any warm pyjamas, any jumpers or extra blankets and on this first night had completely forgotten about the hot water bottles Longberry Farm provide in the kitchen area. Instead Hubby lay towels over the top of the girls and we snuggled down keeping each other warm.

Our Stay Day Two

The girls slept so well which is a huge difference to normal trips we do. They went to bed late though so that probably contributed to the undisturbed night. It was inevitable with all five of us sharing a tent. We actually had no plans for our full day glamping so we spent a lot of the time snuggled in bed keeping warm.

I took the girls over to the kitchen to sort breakfast out whilst Hubby slept in. There’s something so refreshing about having to walk to the toilet and being outside. It really wakes you up. I also have a new love for eating breakfast outside and am desperate for us to purchase a garden furniture set so we can do it regularly on warmer days.

After breakfast I snuggled back into bed next to Hubby and watched the girls play really nicely together. They were like totally different children this holiday, hardly arguing and getting on so sweetly. I actually accidentally fell asleep again. When we were all up and ready we decided to head for a local swimming pool as it was raining typically. Tenterden Leisure Centre was busy due to the weather but the girls enjoyed the new pool venue with slides and children’s water features.

After swimming we all really fancied a McDonald’s but the nearest one is over half an hour away so we opted for a trip to the supermarket. We created our own McDonald’s with Rustler burgers and chips, all microwaveable. Clearly we aren’t quite ready for the bbq dining experience of camping just yet. P3 actually had a little Annabel Karmel curry as requested. We ate this in the dry and warmth of the kitchen area.

Despite a lot of the wood in the store being damp, we managed to light a fire to keep us all warm. We’d found the girls coats and a jumper for me in the car thankfully. I love the chats Hubby and I had with P3 whilst her sisters played inside the tent. You can hear some of them in the video right at the bottom of the page.

After some play time, really long chat with the other guests staying who the girls had gate crashed upon in the communal seating area, we decided it was time for some hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is a great way to warm a belly and such an autumnal thing for me. The girls also dodged the rain and played on their bike.

Hubby made lots of water bottles for us all that night. Thankfully nobody else was making use of them as there was only one other family onsite. The girls loved the idea of water bottles as we don’t have them at home. It was a much more bearable cold night and the rain was rather soothing. Of course the girls kept chatting away at bedtime.

Going to the toilet in darkness has definitely got to be my least favourite thing about camping. What’s yours?

Our Stay Day Three

I had done most of the packing the night before so our final morning was another relaxed one. I decided not to shower and wait until we got home as I wanted to spent as much time as possible taking it all in and relaxing in bed. I had my breakfast outside again with my daughters which was the nicest thing. The rain held off

Despite our stay being a short one, we created lots of cute memories. Longberry Farm was everything we could have asked for as a family. Everything was there, even cooking oils, and it just made our trip super easy. I wanted to say a big thanks to the campsites website for helping us find this trip for our family. We I’d highly recommend it to all ages actually.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. That glamping site looks so amazing! The tents are gorgeous, the bathroom facilities look great. I am super impressed. Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend!

  2. These are really great photos! Can’t wait for our own glamping to happen soon!

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