We Lost Our February To A Chest Infection

I say it a lot but I really hate winter and cooler weather. It brings with it all the brilliant germs that seem to hang around for a while. In fact this time we lost an entire month to the nasty buggers.

It started at the very end of January which feels like a life time ago now. P1 began to cough and she had a slight temperature. On a whole she was really well. Then her cough got worse and she was literally coughing continuously.

We’d waited for well over a week before seeing a doctor because it really annoys me that people take advantage of the NHS and head up the doctors for little things. But it turned out that P1 had a chest infection. Immediate mum guilt of course as she was prescribed amoxicillin to battle the chest infection.

That same week P2 developed a cough and we started the process all over again. P2 was different to P1 though, she wasn’t her usual happy self. She was emotional and clingy. Her cough forced her to gag which sounded atrocious. But she was never physically sick. Again we waited for a while before going to the doctor.

Then of course P3 got poorly too. She was tired, hot, grumpy and coughing continuously. She was also off her food. When we went to Go Ape and she cried the entire time we were there, we decided to get her checked over and she too had a chest infection.

The next day we decided to have P2 checked over but she weirdly didn’t have a chest infection. So for her it was a waiting game. My gosh that waiting game was brutal. It completely wiped out our half term as the girls were coughing too much to do anything or go anywhere. We were housebound.

After a good few weeks of barely doing anything and literally feeling like the coughs were making me a prisoner to my own home. P3 was horrific with her illness. I wish I could say I was exaggerating when I say she cried all day for four days running, but I’m not. The only time she was peaceful was when she was sleeping.

P1 was better by this point and I felt so guilty that we were stuck at home. Her break consisted of listening to her youngest sister scream, the whinging and demands of P2 and her parents stressed and exhausted. It was just awful. P3 was also refusing to eat anything so that really didn’t help her mood or the getting better situation.

Now going into March, both P2 and P3 still have a lingering cough but they are well. It’s crazy how illnesses can just run you over and when you’re a big family who like to share with each other, it takes a life time to get over. We lost February but we I’m hoping March will be full of exciting adventures like our trip to Cadbury World.

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  1. what a nightmare, ive lost the past two weeks to strep infections it’s been a mare too. Hope everyone is better now x

  2. Aww! Bless you! What a rubbish month you have had….It’s horrible when a bug gets passed around the house…I hope everyone is feeling better soon x

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