Luvabella Interactive Doll Review

As much as P3 adores playing with cars, she also has a great passion for role play with dolls. Although I now know that the Luvabella Doll has been a rather popular toy over the past year, I hadn’t actually heard of her. I did know that P3 would be delighted to get her hands on one and was thrilled to receive one to review recently.

Who is Luvabella?

Luvabella is a lifelike interactive doll. She is made with advanced robotics that give her lifelike expressions and she learns more things the more she is played with. A little bit creepy if you ask me but P3 was instantly in love. Luvabella is quite heavy and the age recommendation of 4 years plus is very appropriate, younger children just wouldn’t find her easy to carry.

She costs £79.99 so is definitely not a cheap toy and more of a family investment. There are three Luvabella varieties to choose from; Blonde Hair (the one we were given), Brunette Hair and Dark Brown Hair. There is also a boy doll, the Luvabeau.

Setting her up?

One thing to note, especially if buying this at Christmas time or for a birthday present, is that Luvabella does not come with the required batteries. She needs four C cell batteries which are the large ones. These batteries are a little bit expensive and it’s a bit of shame that the Luvabella doesn’t come with a tester set like most other interactive dolls.

I love that you need a screwdriver to be able to access the battery compartment. It means the batteries are kept away and safe from little hands. Once they are inserted you just need to switch her on from the buttons at the back. She has two volume options and also two languages; French and English. The larger button at the back is used to wake her up when she goes on standby or to sleep, also to reset her.

What’s in the box?

The Luvabella doll herself comes fully dressed in a beautiful pink dress with frilly knickers and a cute bow headband. There are also four accessories that Luvabella interacts with.

  • A bottle – Luvabella actually appears to gulp down the milk with lifelike sounds and her mouth moves. P3 was fascinated the first time she did this.
  • A spoon – again, Luvabella seems to be chewing and enjoying her food.
  • Lamb toy – this is for playtime and she’ll say a word of an animal when in this mode.
  • A dummy – just like all babies, the Luvabella can get fussy so the dummy helps to soothe her.

The Luvabella also comes with an instruction manual to help you learn how to interact with her properly.

What can Luvabella do?

When I say lifelike I truly mean lifelike. Her cheeks are soft and slightly squishy just like a real baby. She waves her arms about and makes so many baby babble noises and gurgles. In fact, as you interact with her more she will grow her phrases from baby talk to over 100 hundred words and sentences.

Luvabella can be programmed to say either Mama or Dada depending on whether you have a little boy or girl playing. She’s also adaptable to be either English or French.

The advanced robotics inside her allow her to physically move her face in real ways. Her cheeks move when she eats or sucks. Her eyes blink. Her arms wave about. It’s honestly fascinating and so clever. I loved P3’s face when she heard her Luvabella burp for the first time and she loved that her baby fell asleep in her arms.

You can play peek-a-boo by covering her eyes, that’s personally my favourite part. She laughs when you tickle her tummy or toes and she falls asleep too.

Thankfully she isn’t as lifelike to be able to go to the toilet. Otherwise I can imagine her being pretty hard work for an interactive doll.

The good bits:

  • Luvabella is so lifelike. Her movements and noises but also the tiny details like her finger nails, eyelashes and hair.
  • She learns and develops every time you play, so it’s always a new adventure.
  • Luvabella can be turned off or her volume lower for different places of play.
  • Her accessories help your child to be learn responsibility and nurturing behaviours.
  • She’s very responsive to touch and play. We haven’t experienced any issues so far.

The not so good bits:

  • We have noticed that parts of her hair have faded or come off slightly with play. She’s not quite as durable as we hoped.
  • She’s quite heavy. Other than her face the rest of her body is quite solid which can make it quite difficult to cuddle.
  • Luvabella makes quite robotic noises when she makes her movements.
  • Currently there are no other accessories to buy such as pushchairs or different clothing.

Our overall thoughts on the Luvabella

We have been completely amazed by the Luvabella and her features. P3 has called her Bella. She’s so beautiful in a really creepy way. Hubby who is very fussy when it comes to buying toys has even said, and I quote, “I love her, she’s’ by far the best doll we’ve ever had”.

P3 regularly takes her on the school run and I’m not joking when I say that Luvabella gets all of the attention. Everybody has been fascinated and drawn in. One of P2’s friends even point blank asked me to buy her one for her birthday which I found hilarious.

You can buy your own Luvabella over on the Smyths website for £79.99.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Our Thoughts

Value For Money

Amazing technology in a toy doll. Great interaction opportunities. Slight wear on the hair details.

User Rating: 4.6 ( 1 votes)

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