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I caught P1 using a pen to draw on her eyelids and a highlighter over her face. Quite tasteful colours actually. She told me it was her makeup.

She must watch me putting my makeup on all the time and it never occurred to me that she would want to do the same. But of course she would, she’s a little girl! She’s going to naturally be interested in makeup and clothes etc.

So instead of flying through the roof at why the heck she’d drawn all over her face. I grabbed a wipe and began to get it off, saying that just this once she could have some real makeup on.

Don’t worry I didn’t plaster her face with foundation. I put a little eyeshadow on, a little bit of mascara and some lipstick.
20130516-084813 AM.jpg
It was subtle. And she felt grown up and pretty. I reminded her that she couldn’t wear it all the time because she was pretty enough already.

Well yesterday, when we were in Boots buying deodorant and tampons, P1 spotted the rows of makeup. She said “can I buy some lipstick please” it was so polite and I was treating her because of the blood test. So said yes, although I chose a brand I thought would be less harsh on her skin.

I let her choose the colours she wanted; a pale pink and a bright red. An elderly woman tutted at me, especially when the red was picked. I found myself saying “you can only wear this one in the house”. Which of course I meant but realised why do I need to explain the reason to why I’m letting my four year old buy makeup?! It’s nobody else’s business!!

Well I got the privilege of trying the red lipstick on, and P1 wore the pink. I don’t usually wear lipstick, especially bright colours. I think I look stupid.
20130516-085414 AM.jpg
I then had lots of fun kissing my girls with my red lips.
20130516-085505 AM.jpg

20130516-085511 AM.jpg
Makeup can be fun! I’d love to hear your experiences of children and makeup…

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  1. Love the photo of the two of you with your lippy on – I think the red suits you! My 2 year old is fascinated by me putting on make up and says “me me me” when I put it on so I let her play with my blusher brush to pretend she’s putting on blusher and she’ll pretend to put on lip gloss. I certainly don’t want her wearing make-up anytime soon but see no harm in her paying at home with it and I tell her she doesn’t need it because she’s beautiful anyway xx

  2. My Daughter is 9 she has a little sparkly eye shadow and some lip gloss which are only worn on special occasions. If she ever tries to leave for school with them on its straight to the bathroom to wash it off.

    Experimenting with make up is part of growing up and its done at an earlier age than when I was young. Lip gloss and eye shadow is all that will be allowed for some time and mascara and lipstick are certainly a long time away

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Thank you for your comment. I love to see her little face all happy when she feels grown up. I think now she feels it even more because they are her lipsticks, not Mummy’s.

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