Doing Makeup On My Three Year Old

There’s no hiding from the fact my Hubby is extremely outnumbered. He’s even begun to pick pink or girly things from shops over a more masculine version. Like pink shower gel instead of a green or blue for example.

I love that I have daughters. I have visions of shopping, spa days and afternoon teas when they are older. I hope that our bonds will be very close. I often get little glimpses of their teen and adult years. P2 especially loves to watch me put my makeup on and frequently asks for lipstick too. Which most of the time I do allow a natural colour.

The other day she specifically asked to have her whole face done. I put it off a little bit because I don’t like the idea of putting lots of product on her perfect skin. But then one afternoon after having nursery followed by a play date, I caught her falling to sleep on the sofa. I needed to distract her and so I offered to do her makeup.

She was so excited. She actually asked me to film her so that I could make a video, which of course I obliged to. Here it is:

Now I am definitely not condoning makeup on little girls. There’s is absolutely no way I’d let her go out in public like that. But I don’t see any harm in her experimenting whilst we are at home. She loves it and she loves everything girly. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel as P1 has requested I film her having her makeup done too.

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  1. Oh she looks adorable, I love doing make up on my little lady.

  2. Oh bless her, one of my twin girls would love me to do this. I just haven’t done it with her yet! Rainy day task I think!

  3. My 3 year old son has recently been asking me to paint his nails when he sees me doing it and it’s natural for them to want to what mummy does.

  4. Aaw my little girl used to love playing with make up and I never saw any harm in it at all x x

  5. Oh she looks beautiful. All little girls love make up and i see nothing wrong with them experimenting and trying it out at home. They’re just naturally inquisitive and like to copy their mummies! I’m SO going to miss out on this aspect being the only girl in my house lol xx

  6. bless this is too cute – my daughter is always looking at me when I paint my nails, so she often gets hers done too!

  7. Sylvia loves makeup and always wants to play with my items. We have lots of fun and just like you I dont see anything wrong with this.

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