Malcolm & Gerald Personalised Children’s Clothing

I can’t remember the last time I physically went into a shop and bought clothes for the girls. Hubby has, in fact he treated P1 to a whole new wardrobe recently. Fashion has never been something I’ve enjoyed for myself and that’s probably why I’ve avoided it when it comes to the girls too. P2 and P3 both live in hand-me down clothing from P1 or stuff that has been bought second hand, given as gifts or review.


Like these two new tops that P1 and P2 have been wearing recently from Malcom & Gerald. I always feel a little worried when I buy personalised clothing. It can be cheap looking and quite bad quality but when these arrived I was pleasantly surprised.


When I was picking the tops this one really screamed out to me. If you are a regular reader you will know that along with her baby sister, this one is also a sleep thief. Right now the top completely describes me, no energy and I totally need to recharge. This top is size 3-4 years and is slightly big for P2 despite her starting to fit in some 3-4 years clothing. Today, for these photos, was the first time she has put the top on because I wasn’t keen on the dark colour. Seeing it on has completely changed that view and I love how bright the image is.


P1 has a lovely hoodie from Malcolm & Gerald. She wears this all the time and it’s been washed so much yet the personalised writing has not faded at all as I expected it to. She loves it, the fabric is super soft and has a pocket that goes the whole way through at the front. She’s wearing a size 6-7 years which again is a bit baggy but she’s such a skinny child that I wouldn’t take her as a guideline.

The Malcom & Gerald costs £18 and the Malcom & Gerald is £30. Both are obviously able to be personalised and am so pleased with the result and quality of these items. I was really surprised. I do think they are very expensive for children’s clothes though.

*We were sent these tops by Malcolm & Gerald for the purpose of this review

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