MamaBabyBliss BabyBliss Baby Massage & Baby Yoga CD Review

When I lived in Essex I attended a Baby Yoga group every Tuesday. I loved it and so did P2. When the teacher went on maternity leave I felt a little lost. Googling yoga positions as there wasn’t a group near to our new home in Essex. Then I was contacted by MamaBabyBliss and met the wonderful ladies at The Baby Show where they gave me a CD to review.
20131115-122656 pm.jpgBaby Massage and Baby Yoga has so many health benefits, not just for your baby but also for you too. It’s a chance to have some much needed quiet time and bonding time with your baby.

By developing a regular massage session each day it will boost your baby’s respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. When your baby and you relax it releases a hormone called Oxytocin which will help to reduce the stress hormone for you both, in return helping your baby to sleep and is even known to stimulate the breast-milk hormone which benefits breastfeeders!

Yoga is for a more developmentally active baby. It helps their neural and motor skill development as well as helping with colic, growth and muscle tone and it’s a great way of communicating with your baby.
20131115-125712 pm.jpgMama Baby Bliss have created BabyBliss Baby Massage and Baby Yoga CD which is an audio CD that contains a 32 page booklet full of information about baby yoga and message. It has great pictures of all the techniques you’ll need to develop a yoga and massage routine with your baby.
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20131115-010234 pm.jpgThe booklet is fantastic for learning the basic moves by eyesight before you begin the CD.

What I love about BabyBliss is the fact it’s a CD, not a DVD, meaning you can give full attention to your baby and focus on relaxing. The lady that speaks has a very calming voice over gentle music.

P2 always smiles when throughout our yoga and massage sessions. I definitely think she’s more of a yoga girl than massage as she wriggles away from me now when we do massage but is happy and smiling throughout yoga.
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20131115-010611 pm.jpgI always wondered if it would really help P2 to sleep, but it does. After our sessions she’s always very sleepy so I like to do massage around bedtime and yoga during the day.
20131115-010921 pm.jpgBabyBliss also has some postnatal yoga moves for mummy’s to try out. This gives you gentle exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor and tummy muscles after having your baby.

You can buy your own BabyBliss CD with MamaBabyBliss for £12.99 and you can find some other amazing gifts for pregnant mums, baby’s and Dad’s with MamaBabyBliss’ shop. Definitely some useful, necessary gifts for all occasions and more improbably, Christmas.

MamaBabyBliss are always looking for new teachers. So if you’re interested take a look here.

(This product was given to me at The Baby Show free of charge by MamaBabyBliss for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are of my own)

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Excellent DVD showing you lots of moves and techniques for baby yoga and massage in the home. Relaxing and fun to do.

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