Mamas & Papas, Joules & Little Green Radicals – A Kids Clothing Haul

I must confess that I don’t really buy P2 or P3 any new clothing. The clothing they wear each day are either second hand, gifted by family or friends and hand me downs from P1. This month has been an exciting one for P2 and P3s wardrobes. We’ve been lucky to receive some gift cards and clothes to review that will help them to stay out of onesies all winter. I wanted to do a round up post about it here.


First off Mamas & Papas. I feel so guilty that I have never ever bought anything from them in the whole nearly 7 years I have been a parent. I have always seen them as a luxury, unaffordable to me, but they have recently reduced their prices to make it more affordable so it was really exciting to be able to sit and choose some clothing from their ‘baby girls clothing from Mamas & Papas range.

I am so incredibly excited for Christmas so this was sort of the theme I was shopping for and I have recently sorted out P1s clothes and found her Christmas Jumper Dress which is still the right size for this year, so I went looking for some outfits that the other two could wear. The two beautiful jumpers caught my eye. Costing £14 each and completely adorable with the cute pictures on them. I especially love the Robin one as it features subtle sewn in snowflakes.

I also bought some fluffy booties for P3 as she has just started to walk confidently and I thought these would be perfect for colder days round the houses of family as everywhere we go always seems to be much colder than our house, where she normally has bare feet. They are just like slippers and have fluffy insides. They’re £14. You can never go wrong with white body suits too and Mamas & Papas have a pack of 5 for £10. They are so soft!


Moving on to our Joules spend. I have only recently become aware of the brand if I’m honest. When my MiL bought me some wellies to be precise. They have a beautiful horse print on them. One thing I do know is that they are a brand in the higher priced range of shops. So naturally shopping there wouldn’t really be an option for us and being given the opportunity to review some of their clothing was super exciting.

Their new winter baby range is so beautiful. I was stuck trying to pick what I want for such a long time. I even roped my 84 year old Grandad into helping choose as he’s got a great eye for fashion. We ended up settling two outfits, one sleepsuit and some socks. The first thing to hop into the basket was a cute rabbit one (see what I did there). It’s Babyflopsy Babygrow that caught my eye as P3 is now walking and with the weather cooler I quite like her being in onesies so that she’s warm. Having no feet means she won’t slip. It says on it Hare Brush and the fabric is so soft! It costs £24.95.

I chose the Babypolly Top & Trouser Set (the mouse one) and then my Grandad chose the Babypoppy Appliqué Jersey Top & Trouser Set (the cats). Both are long sleeved, super soft and come with leggings. I really love leggings on kids and the mouse one is my absolute favourite as it looks so grown up for my little baby. All the outfits are a bit big at the moment for her but I wanted something she’d have extra wear in so bought 12-18months. The Babypolly set costs £29.95 and the Babypoppy costs £27.95.

I couldn’t say no to some Babyfluffyg fluffy socks. I adore mine. They are super stretchy in size 12-24months and P2 has been getting the most wear out of them as P3 isn’t used to having a slippery sock on our wooden floor yet so slides all over the place. They cost just £4.95 for a pack of two. These are one of my favourite buys and I especially use them to cover P3s legs when I’m baby wearing her.


Lastly are these three lovely Tunic Dresses from Little Green Radicals. They are an organic brand and these dresses are made from 100% Organic Cotton. I have to admit that the fabric creases easily and feels slightly like a curtain, not very floaty. However, I love the uniqueness of these and we wouldn’t normally choose something quite like this. All three are the same designs just different colour and size. They cost somewhere between £24-26 each depending on the size.


I really love being able to dress my girls up all girly and even they are all really enjoying fashion. I can’t wait for us all to go shopping together. Oh I also filmed a video of our clothing haul with P3 as “help”, I hope you enjoy.


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