The Reward Box Review and An Easter Giveaway

The terrible twos were not that terrible for us but P2 turned 3 in February, the milestone from toddler to preschooler seems to have brought with it significant behaviour issues that need to be addressed rather than swept under the carpet as a phase. I have never been one that believes in reward systems. Recently we have been keeping a tally chart for our 7 year old for chores and good behaviour so that she can earn points which get turned into minutes she’s allowed on her iPad at the weekends. This has been really working so we thought we’d give a reward system a go with P2, however I’m not sure little lines on a piece of paper is quite as exciting for a 3 year old.


Thankfully The Fairy Reward Box arrived at our door to hopefully save our sanity. The thing is, her behaviour isn’t just the defiant type at the moment, she’s actually being quite viscous and nasty towards her sisters and me. Biting, smacking and pushing. The Fairy Reward Box is made from wood and comes with 20 silver wooden stars that you post through the slit in the top. You can also get a personalisation kit which are cute little stickers in the fairy theme.


I took P2 outside for some alone time whilst her baby sister had her nap with Daddy and it gave us a lovely opportunity to bond and discuss the whole concept of the Fairy Reward Box. I explained to her that if she does nice things and plays nicely with her sisters, then she can earn a star. She will also earn a star if she doesn’t wet her bed (something we are improving on) and if she doesn’t call me in the night. When she has reached 10 stars a fairy will come along and exchange her stars for a treat.


The Fairy Reward Box is a fantastic tool for ages 18 months and beyond. The site suggests around 8 years but I think this would make a great money box, a special box to keep keepsakes in or even jewellery. There are many ideas on how you can reward the different age groups on the website here but for P2 we are thinking a Kinder Egg, a pot of playdoh or a trip somewhere would be a lovely idea as she is always very grateful of gifts anyway.


P2s behaviour has already improved after using the Fairy Reward box for just a few days. It feels like she has a goal now. One thing we are not going to be doing is removing the stars. The box is aimed to focus on the good things she achieves and on the first day she managed to get two stars; one for doing so well in her nursery sports event and the second for doing really well sticking the stickers on her fairy box and helping me to take photos.

The Fairy Reward Box costs £35 and the personalisation stickers are £5 each. This probably seems a little expensive for a reward system but the quality of the box is so superb that I do honestly think it’s worth it. The excitement that P2 has over this box would make every penny worth it and of course better behaviour is the key. I love that The Reward Box also offer bundles of two Fairy Boxes with personalisation kits. They also have a Pirate option and can do mixed bundles with one fairy and one pirate.

prize photo

I have teamed up with The Reward Box and Zac & Lily to offer a special little Easter treat for one of my readers. I have a Reward Box just like ours to give or you could pick the Pirate box for your Pirate fans. I also have a scrumptious Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Kit which comes with nearly all the ingredients to make some delicious buns, all you need to do is add milk, butter and an egg. Personally I’m a little jealous we didn’t get one. Enter using the form below. Giveaway closes Sunday 3rd April at midnight. Good luck!

Easter Giveaway with The Reward Box and Zac & Lily

Disclosure: The Fairy Reward Box and Personalisation Kit was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions remain my own. The competition winner will need to provide a UK address of residence and details will be passed on to the companies involved.

Fairy Reward Box

Value For Money

Amazing behaviour aid

Behaviour has improved so much since we have started using the Reward Box. It is made out of wood and really great quality.

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  1. My comment from 30th March has gone for some reason.x

  2. I’m not sure why my comment has disappeared x

  3. Not at the moment but I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s and getting some ideas introduce one

  4. We try to reward good behaviour from our 6 year old. We’ve also noticed a big change in her attitude since we implemented a pocket money scheme for any ‘jobs’ that she does to help out around the house x

  5. I use sticker charts for good behaviour but unfortunately bad behaviour is running wild in our house right now 🙁

  6. We use smily faces and sad faces chart. If our daughter is good and has no temper tandrams all day she gets a smiley face but if she misbehaves she gets the smiley face replaced with a sad face. If she manages to get 7 smiley faces she gets a treat.

  7. At the moment we use a combination of stickers and pocket money.

  8. i have charts and stickers along with with a binder my 3 kids put certificates in,

  9. We don’t use a reward system at the moment but after seeing this I think I should give it a go, after all “I will tell Nanna” is not going to work for long xx

  10. In general we don’t, we usually reward good behaviour with letting the kids play their devices (Kurio, DS etc) if they’ve been good and have eaten their dinner and take the privilege away if they misbehave even when repeatedly told not to x

  11. we use a sticker chart, at the moment we use a different sticker to cover and good ones if theres any tantrums. these boxes look a fab idea! would be so much easier to remove one when theres bad behavior.

  12. Sticker charts, rewarding good behavior!

  13. we have a good deeds chart which if the boys manage a week of doing their set “chore” ir making their beds, they get something from us

  14. Meena Hindmarch

    We’ve been doing time outs, but I would like to try a reward system

  15. Yes, we use stickers. Our little one needs to get 20 stickers to be rewarded with a treat. Although he tried to change that to 10. Cheeky monkey!

  16. we do reward good behaviour with trips to visit relatives – these seem to impress our kids, especially visiting with their cousins xx

  17. I completely ignore temper tantrums. My way of thinking is that if he doesn’t get attention, he won’t do them for attention! When he’s calmed down a bit I explain why mummy and daddy didn’t react and that tantrums don’t mean that he gets what he wants.

  18. James McLaughlin

    Reward chart

  19. Positive encouragement always helps. And when she does have a tantrum I always try to tell her that the behaviour is unacceptable but that she is loved and a special girl. My mum always says to teach good behaviour through example. Showing that as an adult we can remain calm even when we don’t always get what we want. Not easy but the more you do it the easier it gets.

  20. We don’t have a reward system at the moment but think it’s a great idea

  21. We usually do time out for tantrums but I would love to start a reward system instead as I do feel we need to have a more positive approach to tantrums

  22. As hard as it seems, you have to ignore the bad behaviour and reward the good

  23. i’m in the chart camp

  24. We don’t use a reward system.

  25. We use the thinking step where our daughter sits and thinks about her behaviour for 2minutes (as she is 2yrs) add a minute for each year of life! It’s very effective and normally a warning of the step is enough to cease the behaviour

  26. praise the good, so they know that they get attention for being good, aswell as bad

  27. i used a sticker chart worked well for me xx

  28. We use a lot of positive reinforcement and distraction 🙂

  29. we have a naughty square – a piece of foam with naughty written on it and we do a count down

  30. we have the naughty square (a piece of foam with naughty written on it lol) and we do a count down with finger points.

  31. a star chart

  32. star charts

  33. Sticker charts are great, and I totally agree with not removing rewards ( of any kind) once they have been earned.

  34. Usually a mixture of rewarding good behaviour with praise (works) & getting mad and threatening the naughty step/withdrawal of toys etc (does not work) depending on my mood!

  35. Nicola Marshall

    We have a reward chart, and really praise good behaviour.x

  36. we use a reward chart for good behaviour

  37. We use a reward chart

  38. I need to take some of the good tips from here.

  39. I did comment but I don’t think it worked as I can’t see it on here 🙁

    We use a traffic light system, the children are on green and if they misbehave they are moved to amber. If they are very naughty they go straight to red which they don’t like! When they apologise and are good they go back to green where they get lots of praise. It works well for us 🙂

  40. We a handmade reward chart, if she gets 10 ticks for various things: tidying up, eating all her dinner etc then we’re booking baby ballet classes

  41. We use a traffic light system, my little ones love being on green. When they misbehave they get moved to amber and when they’re naughty they’re on red. When they’re good they get lots of praise and moved back to green. It works well for us 🙂

  42. Eirinaki Nikos Tsolak

    Sticker charts have been all we’ve used so far, but this looks a great idea!

  43. Yes, a star chart for good behaviour which includes removal of stars for unacceptable behaviour. If bad behaviour occurs while out, for example shopping, the star is removed after a discussion at home.

  44. Diversion works – kids are naturally nosey & don’t want to miss out ….or maybe just my kids

  45. Be very calm and do not shout back or get angry because children mimic this behaviour and give them time alone to calm down in their room.

  46. Lynsey Buchanan

    Ignore bad behavior and praise good behavior. My daughter loves praise so this works in our house

  47. I found the best thing for tantrums was to simply make sure they were safe and walk away or ignore them. When they didn’t get the desired reaction, tantrums generally stopped. And of course, plenty of praise when they are behaving

  48. I praise my children. I use stickers for potty training and brushing their teeth. Rewards them also with a trip to the bookstore.

  49. I tend to put my hands over my ears and run 🙂

  50. My daughter withholds her stools so we use a sticker chart to encourage her to go more.

  51. Penelope Hewitt

    we use a reward chart for good behaviour and the naughty step for unwanted behaviour

  52. We don’t have a reward system but it seems a good idea and we are running out of things with a 3 and 4 year old!

  53. We use reward stickers with varying success but it’s definitely better than nothing 🙂

  54. i try not to have anything to rigid or system

  55. Sticker charts are all we use at the moment, but this looks a great idea!

  56. Sticker charts have been all we’ve used so far, but this looks a great idea!

  57. Just praise at the moment, it’s a bit hit and miss!

  58. Rachel Butterworth

    The Naughty Step works for us.

  59. Cuddles and distractions !

  60. Just praise at the moment, it’s a bit hit and miss!

  61. Just praise at the moment, bit hit and miss!

  62. Distractions – normally food or toys

  63. We have a sticker reward chart to reward good behaviour

  64. ive always used the naughty step or they get a penny for their penny pots when they are good , as stickers never really worked with my daughters xx

  65. we dont have anything in place at the mo – sorry , my comments dont seem to be working

  66. we dont have anything at the moment, we tried stickers, but didnt seem to work – that was when Lily was younger, havent tried aqgain, but these look brill

  67. A compliment each day goes a long way.

  68. I am a big believer in talking to children and allowing them time to cool off and discuss any issues. My son has a little reading corner where he often goes if he is feeling angry or upset and when he feels ready he comes and talks to me.

  69. I have a naughty chair and it has a timer glued to it….. it works really well

  70. We have a sticker chart and certificates. If they earn enough certificates then they get a prize

  71. I still work on the same principles that worked for me as a child, every week they start off with a certain amount of pocket money promised to them, a percentage gets knocked off that amount when they badly behave, if they’re good, they get the full lot!

  72. Lots of praise for good behaviour

  73. Natalie Baskerville

    We have a sticker chart and if you get enough stickers we have certificates and prizes

  74. Praise good behaviour and ignore or punish bad

  75. I have a big homemade cater[pillar with numbered body parts 1-20 and the children move themselves up and down it depending on behaviour, with a treat when then reach number 20.x

  76. Sally Collingwood

    Use encouragement, praise and a reward system

  77. A combination of a reward system and a naughty step seems to work wonders!

  78. Beky Austerberry

    I used sticker charts whilst mine were younger.

  79. stickers chart

  80. We praise good behaviour and attempt to ignore bad behaviour. We have a sticker chart that works very effectively.

  81. Use encouragement and praise to build up their self esteem

  82. I was just on about these to my daughter for my granddaughter, now in nursery and picking up other children’s behaviours, she come home with a few naughty actions lol she is also potty training so I think the reward box is a fab idea…thanks

  83. Hannah - Budding Smiles

    I think this looks like a fantastic idea and would make a lovely keepsake too. Toby’s still a bit too young I think, at 20 months, but he is starting to figure out consequences so I can imagine it coming in really handy especially when his baby sister arrives xx

  84. I am going to give this to my Nephew who is 5 if
    I am lucky enough to win, when my daughter was growing up, we had a treat shelf, everytime she behaved well (i decided the context of this) we picked something from the treat box (anything from buttons to shells, to chocs, to crayons, bubbles, from pence, free, to a £1) and it went on the treat shelf, when she had earned 10 treats, she was allowed the treat shelf

  85. We ask our toddler to come and find us when your done lol

  86. All good behaviour should be praised. Well done, I’m so pleased with you, aren’t you clever….. Comment to make the child feel proud.
    If a tantrum starts, I firmly say…..”your behaviour is not acceptable” let the tantrum pass, by ignoring but continue to say “this is unacceptable behaviour” when the tantrum is over, get the child to say sorry. Hug them tell them that you love them . move on. Each time the tantrum will be a little easier for both of you.

  87. I have a star chart and at the end of the week we count the stars and she has 10p per star. Some might call it bribery

  88. Treats always work with Lamb, got such a sweet tooth! Stickers work too. This rewards box would be perfect for us to help with his behavior. We also have a newly turned threenager! X

  89. Lovely idea. We do not use sticker charts as I found that caused alot of tantrums instead of anything else!

  90. Hello Beautiful Bear

    I love this idea! So cute and something I’ll definitely bear in mind for when Lily grows up 🙂

  91. We praise good behaviour and attempt to ignore bad behaviour. Unless it’s in public, when I will take time out with my child.

  92. always be consistent and always praise when needed x

  93. I used sticker charts with me eldest daughter, I think my youngest daughter is going to be a bit more of a challenge!

  94. Great giveaway. We never used stickers, I tried but they didn’t work very well.

  95. Ten stickers and then a reward, sometimes works!!!

  96. i use a pebble stone for rewards when she fills the tubs with pebble stone she gets a reward- for bad behavior we take her fav toy away

  97. we do have a reward and punishment system, but it can be a little hit and miss at times!

  98. We still try the naughty step but I’m finding the sticker rewards is having a better effect when he uses kind hands, shares, take turns, etc

  99. I don’t really have a system in place, I probably should as my two year old is such a tinker lately x

  100. We don’t have a reward system yet, my eldest is only 4 so i think it would be a good idea to maybe start this soon. We do use the naughty step but it doesn’t work 🙁

  101. I find that you are best letting the tantrum play out it’s inevitable it’s going to happen, as for behaviour we use a reward system for treats.

  102. This is a great idea and think it would work perfectly with my 2 and half year old

  103. we use stickers on a chart at the minute my top tip is never to give into a tantrum as the ones after always get worse

  104. claire griffiths

    we use stickers on a chart at the minute my tips are too never give in as the tantrums do get worse

  105. We take a fav toy or something they dont want to lose away and they have to earn it back with good behaviour x

  106. Being consistent and the naughty step if required

  107. Lorraine Tinsley

    I have been trialling reward charts and it seems to be working, just struggling to get my husband on board

  108. We take a fav toy away or something they really dont want to lose and they have to earn it back with good behaviour x

  109. Kelly (@KellyL_85)

    What a lovely idea!

  110. Samantha Loughlin

    Distraction technique are great xx

  111. Rachael Mccadden

    Naughty step

  112. We try to ignore the naughty behaviours but encourage lots of praise with clear rules

  113. Naughty step

  114. we have dojos, my son’s school has them too. i use marbles at the moment but this would work so much better

  115. We use consequences

  116. We use consequences for your actions

  117. I dont yet, Im just winging it

  118. we dont have one as often as we should

  119. Love this idea!

  120. I think i am in the need to tips for my two year old. He won’t come back to me when i ask him to.

  121. We use the naughty step and I often threaten no book at bedtime which always works!

  122. We use the naughty step and also I often threaten no book at bedtime and that always works!

  123. Keep it simple and consistent and stick to it

  124. Distraction and charts

  125. This would be perfect for my rather naughty 2 year old niece! Really cute idea!

  126. we have a reward sticker chart for good behavour and when we get to 10 we get a reward

  127. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    What a lovely little giveaway! I tend to yell, I know I shouldn’t… but when I’m on form and I don’t lose my cool we use a penny earning reward system and then if they want they can save or spend at the weekend! H x

  128. great idea

  129. love these they are gorgeous

  130. Distraction is my preferred remedy for tantrums and undesirable behaviour as well as praise/ rewards for good behaviour

  131. We have a sticker chart, and at the end of the week, there is a reward, works quite well in this house

  132. Jacqueline Dunkin

    The reward systems worked sometimes. We would do stickers, small toys, candy and other incentives like going to the park or mall, etc.

  133. This sounds like a great way instead of the normal charts. However at the moment we use charts

  134. We don’t yet, as Little Man is still a bit too young… but I think we need to quickly come up with some strategies as he had his first ever ‘time out’ at nursery last week for pushing someone 🙁 oh dear… and so it begins…

  135. We have a reward chart with divers for our daughter – works pretty well.

  136. What a lovely idea x

  137. melanie stirling

    I use distraction to stop tantrums and reward them when they have been good.

  138. we use a points system on a chart, when has enough points can trade for a magazine or Dvd she wants, worked for ages with her. Positive reinforcement so much better than negative!

  139. The naughty step works good for me 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  140. We have a sticker chart for good behavior and when it gets to the top they get a treat

  141. Natalie Baskerville

    we have a sticker chart for good behaviour and if he has another stickers at the end of the week he gets a certificate and when he gets two certificates he gets a prize something daft like bubbles

  142. Positive reinforcement and distractions.

  143. Use distractions and diversions

  144. Encouragement works wonders. We use coloured stars for good effort and work.

  145. Being consistent! I use stickers but very informally.

  146. Yes reward systems are great even if it means you can use it to take a reward away if the temper tantrum continues.

  147. Id love the pirate reward box for my grandson my daughter rewards him at the end of the week depending on how good he’s been she sets him little tasks twice a week one job he is in charge of is putting his toys away in his toy box at the end of the day, his second little job is to make his bed when he gets up

  148. We don’t at the moment.

  149. never had a reward system in place

  150. Distraction technique is the one I use most.

  151. Such a super cute product review & giveaway! 🙂

  152. We don’t have a reward system,but i think these are a great idea x

  153. At the moment i do a points system where they earn poitns for good behaviour etc . I love the idea of this though!

  154. we don’t have a reward system at the moment, we just give lots of praise, would love the pirate reward box for our little grandson, he would love this idea.

  155. I love the idea of this fairy reward box. Sounds like what I need as my 3 year old little girl is very defiant when it comes to tidying up and getting up too early.

  156. We use sticker charts at the moment, for wees and poos; which O is quite receptive of. I think when that wears off something like this would work well – or as a result for social achievements which he struggles with.

  157. We use sticker charts for wees and poos at the moment, but this looks like a great progression for bigger things – I’m not sure what we would use it for, possibly coping well with a change in routine, talking instead of squeaking or getting haircuts done, but it’s fab nonetheless!

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