Marsh Farm Easter Eggtravaganza 2021

This weekend (24-25th April 2021) is the last weekend of the sold-out Easter Eggstravaganza at Marsh Farm, and we had the pleasure of taking our first post-lockdown (kinda) day out last week to experience it.

As you may know, we are no strangers to Marsh Farm. I’ve said this a good few times now, but the animal adventure park holds cherished childhood memories and it’s been a joy to see it evolve over the years.

We’ve been to quite a few of the Marsh Farm seasonal events which you can find all on my blog. This was our third Easter at Marsh Farm and I was certainly eggcited (lol) to see how the pandemic would change the fun.

One thing that always blows me away is the staff at Marsh Farm, they are always so welcoming throughout the day. As usual, we had been greeted by a beautiful photo opportunity wall that had three Easter characters awaiting to pose.

Elsa wasn’t quite ready to join in with the photo fun at this point because I’d practically begged her for the photo you’ll see at the very top of this blog post. So sadly it was just Freya and Eva alongside the springtime trio.

When it comes to the decoration and theming of events, I truly think Marsh Farm go above and beyond. Everywhere you looked felt like an Easter or Springtime wonderland. It was gorgeous.

I especially loved the EGG sign which Elsa definitely wanted a photo by – she’s obsessed with eggs!

At the entrance, we had been handed the timetable for the day. This is normally rather helpful in helping to get the most out of your day. We had also been given brown paper bags with some crayons and a decorate your own Easter bunny ears. A lovely little treat.

As you can see by the timetable, the day seemed rather jam-packed. For an experienced Marsh Farm-er, it was obvious that the usual activities like the Magic Show were missing. The little shows or dance-along are always our favourite part of the events so it felt a bit sad on my part. The girls were blissfully unaware and super excited to be out of the house!

I love that Marsh Farm has permanent funfair additions that are all included in the entrance fee. I was pleased to see that the spooky Halloween ones have gone! There are three funfair rides – Carousel, Spinning Tea Cups and Galloper Pony ride.

A new addition and eagerly anticipated is the arrival of the train! I feel like I’ve heard of the plans and watched it slowly develop over the past few years and to see it working and ridable is exciting. Of course, we headed straight to it.

Over in this area of Marsh Farm, there is also bouncy pillows and an inflatable slide. These are supervised by staff members and kept to a low capacity limit which is nice to see.

There’s also a food and drink outlet here. This is of course a Grab n Go style food outlet serving enough options to stop starving bellies. There’s a few picnic benches here and space to chill out safely whilst you supervise your kids having fun.

I’m pretty sure my girls would be more than happy bouncing on the pillows and playing in the sand all day long if we let them.

I had been incredibly excited about the Easter Eggstravaganza but ended up feeling a little sad. It definitely felt like the usual enthusiasm and interaction was missing, I can’t blame Marsh Farm for that though because obviously restrictions are in place and they’ve made the best out of a bad situation.

We took part in their Giant Easter Egg Hunt. The aim was to find four different coloured eggs dotted about the farm park. Then bring them back to receive a treat. The treat was a little bag of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and a sticker.

We had a nice time retrieving the four coloured eggs, it was pretty simple but the girls enjoyed their little chocolate treat. There’s no denying that it was a rather different Easter Hunt than ones in the past.

I miss the music, the character shows but we did get to see the Easter bunny (photo right at the bottom of this blog post) and a few of the characters were wandering around helping to point families in the right direction for the eggs.

It was a pretty chilly day when we went but we managed to keep warm by running about in the outdoor play areas. These are all still open. We could normally hop into the soft play barn to warm up on cooler days but of course, that is closed right now.

The play areas did feel a little busy with children but I have been feeling more sensitive to that at the moment. My girls were blissfully unaware and were absolutely thrilled to be playing freely once again.

After a hand clean and sanitise, we searched for a picnic bench that was sheltered a little from the chilly breeze. I’d decided to pack a picnic, however, Marsh Farm does have takeaway food and drink options available. I can’t comment on the prices as we didn’t buy anything on this day out.

One thing we never seem to find the time for during our visits is Crazy Golf. Elsa loves a bit of golf so this time we made sure we found time for a round.

There’s a sanitising station as you walk into the hut to collect your golf club. However, there was no staff there to clean them after use. We used the hand gel provided though and got on with a little game of golf.

I haven’t mentioned them yet but there are some cute farm animals at Marsh Farm. Cows, alpacas, goats, bunnies, chicks and much more. There’s not as many as there used to be when I was a child as it’s moving more towards the adventure part of the animal adventure park.

At around 1 pm it began to rain and the forecast didn’t show any sign of it stopping. With nowhere to safely shelter and social distance, we decided to annoyingly cut our day much shorter than expected and head home.

Despite the obvious changes that the pandemic has caused Marsh Farm events this time around, it didn’t stop us from having a brilliant day out. We always have so much fun there and it’s exciting to see new theming or new additions.

Happy smiles on my girls’ faces are proof of a lovely day out. Although the chill factor for Elsa was a problem in this photo clearly!

Watch out on the Marsh Farm social media pages and their website for more fun events coming up in the year. Our personal favourite being Christmas time!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Our entrance was gifted.

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