Marsh Farm Fairies & Dragons 2020

It’s time for another Marsh Farm post. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know this is probably one of our favourite places to visit in the UK. Our first adventure for 2020 was a Fairies & Dragons day. It ran over the February half term and although it isn’t on anymore, an exciting Easter Grotto is coming up!

My girls had spent the weekend with the Grandparents so we picked them up from Essex. As we arrived at my Grandad’s house, I started to have one of my aura migraines. They come on randomly and I knew it was about to destroy my day. This is why I didn’t get much footage or photos from the day but thankfully my Hubby and Grandad more than made up for my disappearance halfway through the day.

It was a bright day but extremely cold. We arrived for opening time and as usual, received our wristbands at the gate and the daily schedule. Marsh Farm always has so many things going on during the day which is increased further during event weeks. There’s also plenty of photo opportunities throughout the farm too.

We headed straight to see the animals. This is the one thing that makes me feel a little sad about the way Marsh Farm has changed over the years, the amount of real animals has reduced so I always like to go visit them first when we visit. When I was a child, there were pigs and cows. It was a real farmyard experience.

Of course, times have changed and Marsh Farm is all about the entertainment factor. Our girls requested to take a visit to the soft play. I had started to feel quite poorly at this point so we made our way into the warm for a half-hour play before the fun scheduled activities began.

Straight outside the play barn was the first activity of our day. Getting to wake up the dragon! It’s a cheesy and cute little performance from the staff and the blue dragon is adorable. All the children were cheering.

The girls then spent a long time riding the carousel and the spinning teacups. I decided to leave my little tribe and go back to the car for a nap. I knew this would help my migraine to recover quicker so I could continue the day together. I left Hubby, my Grandad and girls waiting to watch the Ferret Race.

After about an hour, I rejoined the group where they were back inside the play barn about to have lunch. I picked my timings just right. My migraine had got to the point where the nausea had subsided and I just had a slight headache, so I was more than ready to have some food.

The play barn offers hot and cold food and drinks. Hubby and Grandad always pick the sausage and onion roll. I shared a children’s meal of sausages, chips and baked beans. Delicious!

We then headed back out into the cold to explore the jumping pillows. For some reason, this is girls favourite places at Marsh Farm, even in the wintertime. I think they have a love for sand and jumping. There was a lot of water, almost like a pond forming, I had started to imagine them falling into it. Thankfully, they didn’t!

Next up for us was to go and see the Fairy School show. This is where we could learn how to be a fairy. The fairies were enthusiastic and got us all involved. You can see more of them in the video from our day.

I reckon the photo of my Grandad with the fairies is one of my favourites of him ever! It was so funny. See even an 88-year-old Great-Grandad can enjoy the fun at Marsh Farm with his great-grandchildren.

We ended our day with another bounce on the jumping pillows before admitting defeat as we had all pretty much frozen to the bone. There was just enough time for a quick family photo by the entrance wall.

The last thing to say, keep an eye on the Marsh Farm website. There are always fun things going on there and I would highly recommend a visit if you can. Take a look at my little video from our adventures and have a wonderful day.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We received a discount on our party package.

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