Marsh Farm Fairies & Dragons Day Out

During February half term Marsh Farm hosted the Fairies and Dragons event. As I am sure you are aware we work regularly with Marsh Farm so definitely take a look at our other posts on their amazing days out. This post is specifically about the time we spent and I always feel a video gives you the best feel of a day out so please take some time to watch that.

For those who don’t live locally to Marsh Farm, it is an animal adventure park in Essex, South Wooden Ferrers. It takes us about an hour to get to from where we live in Kent. We arrived for opening time as always, 10am every day. I it was a really bright and sunny day. An amazing contrast to our previous Christmas visit.

Activities at Marsh Farm are non stop fun especially on event days. I took a photo (below) of the Fairies and Dragon activities for an example. As you can see there’s fun the entire day and I like to use a pencil to circle the activities so we can plan our visit to keep the kids entertained all day.

bMarsh Farm always have something going on even on a normal day, but during events the schedule is increased with themed activities and shows. Most of the activities start at 10:30am, giving you half an hour to explore and go to the toilet when you arrive at 10am for opening.

First on our agenda was to take photos in the cute photo props dotted near the entrance to Marsh Farm. Obviously. Even my Grandad got involved and somehow we managed to get Elsa in for a photo too. She’s so difficult to photograph these days.

We actually had quite a bit of time before the first activity we wanted to do which started at 11am. So we headed for the Jumping Pillows and the huge inflatable slide. The girls love this bit as here is sand to play with too. I felt so happy watching the girls, Hubby and my Mum play in the sunshine whilst I talked to my Grandad. I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks.

As we head round towards the Barn Theatre for the first show of the day, we stopped by to see the brand new chicks and of course the noisy goats. You are able to feed the animals at certain times but we missed this on this visit sadly.

The first show of the day for us was the Magic and Mayhem Show. We actually normally see Bam Bam perform but this time it was none other than James (the CEO of Partyman, the people behind Marsh Farm) that was performing. A real treat. Eva got called up to be a victim, I mean helper, and we all had such a giggle.

After the show, Elsa had asked to go in the indoor play area. It wasn’t quite lunch time so thankfully it was pretty quiet as we arrived. It was a great opportunity for the kids to play whilst the adults had an uninterrupted chat. We grabbed the opportunity to have some lunch too and I even bumped into an old school friend which was lovely.

The next thing on our agenda was to attend Fairy School. The girls had decided they didn’t want to go to the Knight School sadly but fairies were definitely up their street. It was absolutely packed with people standing so the experience was a little noisy. The fairies did a great job and keeping the focus for the children and it was a lovely little bit of themed fun. They must have been frozen!

I know you’ll get bored of me mentioning the weather, a very British thing to do, but you all know just how much I love summer. The weather during February half term was simply glorious. It was warm and sunny. My girls love to be outside so they spent a lot of time on the outdoor playground, riding the funfair rides which are included in your entrance price and also the little ride on tractors too.

There’s a nice amount of animals at Marsh Farm now. When I was younger it was predominantly about farming and animals, but now the focus is definitely more on entertainment. I love the stable area as this bit hasn’t changed. Eva loves horses and we actually managed to catch the pony grooming session so the girls each took a brush. 

On our Christmas visit we didn’t have enough time, and quite frankly we were all frozen to the bone, to play the mini golf. The girls had been quite disappointed so we promised the next time we went we would make sure to play a game. So after enjoying some pony grooming we headed for the crazy golf. It’s a great course actually and even my Grandad got involved. Obviously for the girls they were not interested in the actual score side of it. But had a great time anyway.

We popped back to meet Duncan the Dragon, who I couldn’t persuade Elsa to go near…

The last two things on our agenda was to decorate some Fairy Crowns and Knight shields and also the Dragon Stone hunting. The girls spent a long time colouring in their crowns. I love how they are getting older and more persevering towards crafts.

The Dragon Stone hunting is always there. You basically have to hunt for little gems in the sand. Sadly I do feel a bit more effort could be done on the staff front, as when the gems are returned they are usually just dumped near the entrance rather than actually hidden around the entire sandpit. Eva actually took it upon herself to scatter them about a bit more which was super cute.

We headed off just before closing time at Marsh Farm. Tiredness had started to kick in for everyone. We had a brilliant day as always and I’d highly recommend a visit if you are local. You can’t gain entrance without a child so bare that in mind, it’s definitely an attraction catered for children and families of young people.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Entrance to Marsh Farm was gifted.

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  1. This looks like such a good day – I remember their Christmas event. They do a really good job!

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