Marsh Farm Social Sizzler

Many of you will know that as a family one of our top places to visit is Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park. Over the years we have had the wonderful opportunity of working with them many times.

On Friday, we got invited to a Social Sizzler. A little get together specifically organised for the bloggers who have supported them over the years and specifically during 2020 and lockdown. So we headed over to Essex through rush hour traffic on the motorway, all the way to Marsh Farm.

It felt extremely odd to be walking through the gates after exactly 7 months and 1 day since our last visit. Probably the longest gap we’ve ever had. It was nice to be greeted with hand sanitisers as we made our way inside.

Marsh Farm host several themed events throughout the year; it’s currently set up for their Big Dinosaur Day Out but will soon be getting ready for Halloween. Elsa loves dinosaurs so she was thrilled to explore the dinosaur photo opportunities as we made our way to the BBQ. 

It didn’t take long for our three daughters to make their way to the bouncy pillows. I don’t know what it is about a bouncy pillow but children just love them!

I took the opportunity to speak to the Marsh Farm team and have a face to face catch up. I’m still finding it strange to speak to real people, face to face, but it was nice to catch up briefly as they carried on setting up the party.

We spotted a doughnut wall and of course, we delved right in! Elsa loves a sweet doughnut treat. I love any excuse to eat a doughnut guilt-free!

Marsh Farm had put together a few different companies to come and entertain the children. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the Moji entertainer man who supplied them with funky animal balloon models and made them laugh with jokes.

Soon enough the BBQ food was ready to be served. We managed to be some of the first to pick our dinner. A delicious choice of burgers, sausages, chicken kebabs, couscous and more! It was a very yummy selection.

We found a picnic table further away from everyone else, as it’s still very important for us to be social distancing the best we can despite the girls being back at school. We filled our tummies and continued to enjoy the evening.

Eva found a lot of fun with Essex Elite Football Club and spent quite some time learning some football skills. She talked the ears off of the men teaching the football. I did feel slightly sorry for them.

Soon enough all three of our girls were kicking footballs, practising their catching skills and seeing how quickly they could run over the ladder. It was heartwarming to watch.

As the sun began to set, we headed into the Glitter Tattoo tent. I wasn’t sure about the idea of having a Marsh Farm staff member inside an enclosed tent without a mask so we kindly asked the staff member to leave the tent, I hope they didn’t take offence.

The glitter was a do-it-yourself, so Hubby was the chosen one to apply and give Elsa her fancy festival look. I was impressed by Freya and Eva’s abilities to apply their glitter using the provided mirrors. All three of them look awesome!

We had such a wonderful evening with Marsh Farm and I’m so grateful for their thoughtful gesture towards all of the bloggers that attended. It’s sometimes nice to feel appreciated in this “social influencer” world. 

The girls kept saying “this is the best after school ever” and I truly think that they felt so grateful to be able to feel somewhat normal, after the longest year of everyone’s lives!

So a big thank you to Marsh Farm for having us. Don’t forget to check out their website and have a look at their upcoming events like Halloween and Christmas. Also, don’t forget they are running the Farm Shop still which has delicious produce.

Disclosure: This was a blogger social gathering hosted by Marsh Farm.

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