4 Perfect Outfits For The School Run

I am most definitely not a fashion savvy person. I throw on whatever is clean to be honest. I think my main issue is that I am so tiny, 4ft 8in tall, so I struggle to find adult clothes that actually suit my body shape and my confidence. Nearly my entire wardrobe consists of hand me downs from friends or clothes I’ve purchased years and years ago so when Matalan got in contact for me to have a go at styling myself for the school run, I couldn’t say no. I put together two different outfits and then put together two more “wish list” outfits too. Here are my choices that I think would be perfect for the school run:

Outfit 1

matalan school run

Summer Days Printed T-Shirt £6 | Leopard Lace Espadrille £8 | 3/4 Length Leggings £6

School run mornings are definitely of the essence for every one. This outfit is definitely my more laid back option for the school run. A nice baggy top and some black leggings would suit any body shape or height. Teamed up with some really pretty shoes and a cheeky toddler, you can’t go wrong!

Outfit 2

outfit 1

Spot Print T-Shirt £4 | Tencel Midi Skirt £14 | Scalloped Edge Ballet Shoes £12 | Feather Long Necklace £7.50

This outfit is definitely one I can dream about. I love the look of midi skirts but haven’t been brave enough myself to buy one because I think it would completely drown me. However, the specific choice of items I put together for this outfit would be so pretty. A nice t-shirt tucked into the midi skirt which would be pulled high on the waist plus some cute ballet shoes would look so cute for a summery school run.

Outfit 3

matalan schoolrun

Sleeveless High Neck Body £8 | Sailor Pocket Denim Shorts £12 | 120 Denier Black Tights £4 | Leopard Lace Espadrille £8

These shorts are a new favourite of mine. Not only do they look great over the top of the high neck body, but I’ve found they look beautiful with a baggy crop top too. The great thing about denim shorts is that they can go with or without tights so perfect for winter or summer and they aren’t too revealing for a school pick up.

Outfit 4

outfit 4

Tencel Denim Dress £20 | Light Weight Bomber Jacket £25 |  Laser Cut Cork Wedges £18 | Bead Wrap Bracelet 

I think this is the best outfit by far. It’s extremely versatile as the stunning denim dress can be worn with nearly every colour. I’m really into pinks so this beautiful pastel pink bomber jacket would make a great addition to the denim dress. Being quite versatile, the dress would go with flats or heels so these wedged sandals are perfect.

So there is four very stylish outfits that I would wear on a school run. I honestly believe there is no excuse to turn up in your tracksuit bottoms but at the same time I can totally empathise to the fact there is little time and mornings are always stressful. Simple but stylish outfits are the best for combating this dilemma and Matalan have an amazing range which is super comfortable too. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I really enjoyed browsing through a clothing website, something I didn’t think I’d enjoy to be honest.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. You look fab , for me the school run is like a mix of weathers and therefore a mix of layers!

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