Mattress Next Day Essentials V40 1 Topper Review

I never had a topper until I met my Hubby and he refused to get rid of his horrid, old, discoloured one for so long. Thankfully my MiL came along and saved the day by buying us a brand new, luxury bed topper so we sleep in pure heaven. Sleep is something all parents moan and groan, some have the luxury to boast, and we spend many sleepless nights worrying about the lack of sleep. There are so many mattresses to choose from, with some of the top 10 mattresses being really affordable.

mattress next day topper

When we were approached by Mattress Next Day to review a mattress topper I was slightly reluctant at first because we have our new one. Then I suddenly remember the two little munchkins sleeping on their bare mattresses. P2 mattress was new but P1s was a second-hand one that we bought when we purchased her bed. It wasn’t the best of mattresses despite being in good condition as you can feel all the springs underneath.

The Essentials V40 1 Topper is a memory foam mattress topper that arrives just as it is with no cover. For me I need to put a waterproof covering over the top just to protect it for leaky drinks or bed-wetting but it fits nicely on top of the girls mattresses. The foam is 2.5cm thick which I didn’t think would be very good and effective but it really is! It is so thick and squishy. The Topper comes in Single, Double and Kingsize sizes so there’s one for nearly everyone.

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When I asked P1 what she though of her new bed she said “it’s so comfy. It moulds to my body”. I hadn’t told her what memory foam does, uses your body temperature to mould and help reduce tossing and turning. I’ve even had a sneaky lay down to try it and absolutely love the memory foam. It literally feels like you’re laying in a bed of clouds as it moulds around your body.

The Essentials V40 1 Topper is the thinnest of the three mattress toppers available as Mattress Next Day and costs only £19.99 at the moment! A complete bargain for a peaceful nights sleep.

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Value for Money

The perfect companion to your mattress for a beautiful night of sleep.

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