Maybe A Cure

I realised that, despite the fact I feel like ripping my own skin off, I have a lot to be thankful for. So many people have troubles with starting their own family and here I am moaning and groaning about my pregnancy and the symptoms that come gracefully along with it. So many women would kill to experience this. So I apologise for my ranting and raving – although I am still completely and utterly fed up!

Today; well today has been busy already. As normal I’ve had about 3 hours max of sleep and have been up early to get to the hospital for them to check my skin. I made a little effort with my hair and makeup just to try feel a little normal.I got strapped to the monitors today which turned out to be rather amusing. P2 did not want to perform, well she wanted to perform a little too much, she kept moving about causing the machine to bleep as it couldn’t find her heart beat. I ended up being monitored for about an hour when usually she’s so easy to monitor.The doctor was a bit baffled as to what to suggest once I’d given him the pretty long list of things I’d already tried. Eventually, I was given a prescription for a 1% steroid cream and I almost walked away with something to help me sleep but they decided they’d try the cream and hope that would stop my itching and therefore let me sleep. Wish me luck!P1 had her swimming lesson today. I didn’t see much of it as the heat/humidity was really making my rash irritated. I’ve had a good day so far beyond my skin. My parents are away this weekend so my OH, P1 and I have full range of the house mwuahahahaaaaa! A nice chilled weekend from now on I think.


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