Medela Electric Swing Breast Pump Review

I’ve been experiencing a really bad time when it comes to expressing with P2. I was convinced it was my fault, that I wasn’t producing enough milk or that my body just didn’t like to express.

I now realise that it wasn’t my actual ability to express that was the issue, it was the ability of the pump I was using to express me. We bought a manual Tommee Tippee pump right at the beginning when we didn’t think I’d be breastfeeding for long. It took me nearly an hour to reach a total expressed amount of 2oz. Don’t get me wrong, we love Tommee Tippee as a brand, but their breast pump just wasn’t for me and it was getting me down.
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That’s when Medela came to my rescue! I was very lucky to receive their Electric Swing Breast Pump to review. I’ve had it a little over a week now. When it first arrived I made sure I read all the booklets and pre-boiled the parts as instructed.
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Once cooled, the pump is really simple to assemble. I got myself comfy and started to express.

It has two phase technology, which means the first stage stimulates the nipple just like a baby would, for about two minutes. It then goes on to express at a gradual speed. I found that I needed to increase this by about two speeds with both my boobs, more on one side than the other, mainly because I didn’t want to be expressing for a long time.
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It took about 20minutes to express 3oz, 1.5 on each side, which I was so pleased with as it was the middle of the day and P2 had only just fed. It was a great achievement for me.
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I decided to feed her from the teat that was supplied. Which is made to respond to her sucking exactly as my breast would. It was very unusual to see a bottle like this, but P2 figured out how to get the milk pretty quick and drank the whole bottle.
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The parts are really easy to clean – I’ve been putting it in the dishwasher as well as cleaning with a bottle brush and the parts fit nicely into my steriliser. I love that the product is BPA-free too.

The pump itself is quite quiet compared to my previous pump. Which I was quite shocked about when first using an electric pump. It can be mains powered or battery, I have used both and it does not effect the vacuum strength.

I don’t dread to express anymore – I actually look forward to it and have expressed every day, sometimes even twice a day. I now get on average 4oz as a total but this morning I only expressed from one boob and managed to get 5oz! The length of time I’m expressing has also decreased which is fantastic.

I’m now using my expressed milk to give P2 a feed before bedtime which makes her sleep for a 5 hour stretch. So not only has Medela made my expressing such a breeze it’s also allowed us to grab some extra sleep time at night!!!! What more could you want from a Breastpump?!

(This product was sent to me by Medela Uk for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own)

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A must have for any breastfeeding or expressing mother! Excellent technology and very comfortable to use even with sore boobs.

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