Memory Lane

Just a short muddled post this evening.

P2 is pretty much sitting up on her own now. It kind of happened overnight. Ok, she’s still toppling over every now and then but she’s amazing. I just cannot believe how grown up she is and she’s in to everything, especially food!
20130814-104114 PM.jpg
I spent the majority of today sorting out wedding bits. That wasn’t the plan for today, today was meant to be tidy up day, like yesterday. But P2 hasn’t been 100% the past few days so everything’s been a little on hold. This morning I just wanted to do wedding things!

Tomorrow I’m spending some time with my OH. We are going to Bluewater shopping centre which I’m very excited about. The last time I went there I was with my grandparents shopping for warm clothes to take to Scotland. I was probably about 5 or 6 years old.

My OH went last week and bought his wedding suit from there, he said there’s loads of amazing shops so I begged for us to go. My MiL is having P2 for the day, and like usual on a Thursday my Grandad has P1. So it should be a really good day.

I’m going to bed now and most likely having another rubbish night sleep. Especially as AF has joined me.

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