My mum used to foster cats. With over 15 years experience with animals from working as a veterinary nurse the fostering charity liked to use mum for all the “odd” cases or the kittens.

I remember at one time we had two litters that totalled to about 14 kittens plus mum. Our house was a cat haven!

Mum being Mum is a sucker for a sad story. Our first foster cat – Sophie – had been run over and needed a lot of care. She ended up having one of her back legs removed and the other pinned in place. Poor girl was in a lot of pain accompanied with a terrible temperament she didn’t manage to find a home so my Mum adopted her.

Another one arrived to us with some kittens and only three legs (one missing at the front). Bella. Bella’s kittens found homes but unfortunately she didn’t. Once again… Mum adopted her.

The most significant cat I’m going to talk about is Mario. Mario arrived to us along with his brothers and sisters. He was quite a young kitten at the time and was always quite timid. When potentially owners came to visit he’d be the only one hiding away – therefore he didn’t get a home. He was a fraud because when just with the family he was a lovely, outgoing young boy. As you can guess… We kept him.

At the time we had a whippet – Dublin. Mario grew up with Dublin. Never leaving his side. They were fantastic friends and it’s definitely shaped Mario’s personality. This cat is more like a dog! He’s always doing something. One thing we love most about him is that my daughter can swing him by his tail, pull his whiskers, squish him close to her and he just allows it. Doesn’t hiss or scratch or show any aggression. We obviously tell her to be careful just incase but Mario is simply amazing.

The purrrrrrrfect cat.

Unfortunately, my OHs Dad is severely allergic to cats so Mr Mario cannot come with us when we move and he’s got his permanent resident status with my parents now.

What do you think about pets and children? I really believe it helps with their learning. Learning to respect other living things, having a little responsibility about the care of the pet and also to learn about death in a little more light hearted way that losing a family member. (I’m not saying it makes it any easier – losing a pet to a person)

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  1. We have 9 dogs at home and 3 belong to us. They sleep in our bed and I call them my babies. I’ve been telling them almost everyday that they’re about to get a 2-legged-sibling. Ha ha! I think it’s very important for kids to grow up with pets. It makes them much more caring and turns them into nice people. They also make for wonderful friends when your child is lonely.

    • I would love to have a house full of pets when we move. But due to the allergy my OHs dad has we are quite limited to the type of pet we can have. A dog is an ok one for us but I just don’t think we have the time. We’ll probably end up with a top of the range aquarium 🙂

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