Michelle Heaton Active Pregnancy DVD Review

Keeping fit and exercising has never been a top priority, in fact it’s never even been on the list of daily/weekly to dos! I do walking because I have to. I run around after the kids because I have to. I do house chores because I have to. You get the picture.

Since being pregnant this time I’ve had reflection time, looking back on the pictures of my pregnancy with P2 and there’s one thing that stands out. I was chubby beyond pregnancy weight!! This time round I’ve been determined not to eat hubby sized portions and to exercise when I can. That’s where Michelle Heaton’s Active Pregnancy DVD arrived in my life. It made it’s debut at the Birmingham Baby Show but unfortunately I couldn’t get there but was sent a copy to reviewmichdvdThere’s 7 sections on the homepage of the DVD. I viewed the “Hello from Michelle” first. It was weirdly refreshing. She was easy to connect to and very friendly. Michelle is a fully qualified personal trainer and has further qualifications in pre and post natal fitness.

There’s some really useful demos too. Explaining how to do certain moves safely during pregnancy. My favourite is her demo on pelvic floor exercises as she explains it in a very informal way which actually made me laugh.michdvd1Each trimesters workout is set into three phases; warm up, main phase and floor work.

In the first trimester the exercises are upbeat, however, at no point did I feel I couldn’t keep up. The moves are easy to follow and Michelle explains them as you go. The pelvic floor exercises are done last and in this trimester she is laying down whilst doing them.michdvd2The second trimester has a longer warm up to make sure all body parts are thoroughly ready for exercise. Michelle reminds you frequently to drink water and to rest if you need to and join in when comfortable to.michdvd3The pace for the third trimester is slower. All exercise is catered for the growing pregnant body and the pelvic floor exercises are now done standing.michdvd4Throughout the whole of each work out you become engaged with Michelle just like she’s a friend you’ve known for a long time. She’s sympathetic and kind, whilst making sure we are all keeping fit during pregnancy. I don’t feel like working out is a chore anymore, it’s fun with Michelle’s Active Pregnancy DVD!

You can enjoy a healthy, active pregnancy by purchasing the DVD here for £13.99.

(I was sent a copy of Michelle Heaton’s Active Pregnancy DVD free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are of my own and photos are taken from my own screenshots of the workout DVD)

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Enjoyable workout!

An engaging and fun workout for all stages of pregnancy. Led by Michelle Heaton who is very friendly and reassuring throughout. Leaves you feeling refreshed rather than worn out.

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