Miley Cyrus VMA 2013 Performance

A round of applause goes to the woman who’s given our girls someone so fantastic to aspire to be!! NOT!! Take a look at exactly what I’m talking about here.

Please somebody tell me what the heck has happened to the sweet innocence of Miley Cyrus. To be honest, I haven’t followed her life since her movie/film and back then I was so jealous of her. She had everything! Fortune, beautiful hair, beautiful features and a wonderful personality that I know all young girls craved to be.

Now, well now she’s flaunting far too much, touching herself with foam hand, poking her tongue out in all directions and rubbing herself against a man on a stage full of thousands of watchers and letting all our little girls think that’s ok?!

Surely someone witnessed her rehearsals and realised how wrong that performance is/was on so many levels? Miley is meant to be a role model for young girls, it comes hand in hand when you were a Disney star. Her “performance” just makes her look like a crazed woman on drugs or something! She looks dreadful.

I’m frustrated. I’m tired. Good night!

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