Milkshake Party Party Tour Review

The Cliffs Pavilion holds very special memories for me. Every year my Grandparents would book for us to go and see the Christmas pantomime. We’d always arrive early, sit by the window looking over the sea, Grandad would buy me a Programme and sometimes I’d be allowed a small gift too. My Nan would always insist they booked the front row of the balcony seats, usually right in the middle as she reckoned this was the best view. We did this every year without fail.

When we reviewed the Milkshake Stars DVD we were offered the chance to go and see their Milkshake Party Party Tour in a theatre and I was extremely excited to see that The Cliffs Pavilion was one of the venues hosting the tour. So last Saturday we packed up the girls, went to hospital for P3s antibiotics then travelled over an hour back to Essex. We were in a rush as we didn’t leave the hospital until half 1 and the performance started at 3:30!

We arrived with only enough time to collect our tickets and go to the toilet. As soon as we were seated the show began.


I have to admit that I wasn’t overly impressed. The staff at the Cliffs Pavilion kept telling the children that were dancing in the aisles to sit back down. This is the only time I’ve seen something like that happen here. The theatre was really empty, for a show that was only there for two performances I’d expected it to be crammed!!

P2 spent the whole performance running up and down the empty seats on our row and pretty much oblivious to the actual show. P1 sat on her seat the whole time, she didn’t look entertained and didn’t join in at all. This lead me to look around at the other children, the ones who weren’t being hushed back to their families. Nobody seemed connected with the show. It wasn’t very uplifting or interesting.

Afterwards, P1 did say she really enjoyed it which was positive. I wanted the girls to enjoy a new experience but on a whole it certainly wasn’t worth the rushing, the journey or money spent on petrol. I feel like I’m betraying the Cliffs Pavilion slightly even though I understand it wasn’t entirely their fault.

(We were given complimentary tickets in return for an honest review. All opinions and photos are of my own)

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  1. It seems a real shame that they encouraged the children to sit down – you’d want them to enjoy it as much as possible.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

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