Milkshake! Stars DVD Review & Competition

Milkshake starts at 6am every morning and is only on until 9am but houses some pretty awesome childhood favourites for me, like Mr Men, Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam to name a few. Both my girls really enjoy watching Milkshake as I think the shows are more catered for the younger viewers. On the 8th September 2014, Milkshake! are releasing their Milkshake! Stars DVD which features 15 of the favourite shows including Peppa Pig, Angelina Ballerina and Bananas In Pyjamas!

We were allowed to have a sneak peak before the DVD is released and our copy arrived just in time for P1 to have a play date with her Uncle (who’s a little bit younger than her).


We had 149 minutes of silence. Now I think anyone with a 4 year old and 5 year old in the same room at the same time can vouch when I say that this is an extremely rare occurrence. Especially for this particular pair of children who are known for the shouting, screeching and mess! We had to frequently check on them to see if everything was ok. Each time there they were sat watching the DVD so happy and so content.

I always put on a film for them when they play upstairs, a bit of background noise and a distraction if they start to get bored with a certain game and bicker. This particular time, when it was time to say goodbye they were both quite upset that they’d “forgotten” (P1 words, not mine) to play other games. They’d been too enthralled by the Milkshake! DVD.

You can get your own Milkshake! Stars DVD for around Β£7 or you can enter to win a copy below.


They’ve certainly been busy over at Milkshake! HQ as they have also taken to the roads for The Milkshake! Party Party. Hitting theatres all around the UK for the next 12 months!

The Milkshake! team have arranged a surprise party for the Milkshake! Monkey and they need help organising it. It’s set to have all the audiences up on their feet and joining in. Featuring many of the favourites. Tickets are on sale now so head over to their website to find your nearest party venue and grab your own seats.

Enter to win the Milkshake! Stars DVD here:

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(We were gifted the DVD for the purpose of this review. Images were provided to me, however all opinions are of my own)

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Lovely DVD featuring all the favourites of Channel 5s Milkshake! children's programmes. Keeps the children entertained with 2 hours of fun.

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  1. thomas the tank engine

  2. Peppa Pig

  3. PEPPA pig

  4. Fireman Sam

  5. My kids love ben and Holly’s little kingdom πŸ™‚

  6. Peppa pig

  7. pepper pig

  8. Thomas is our favourite

  9. Peppa Pig

  10. Peppa Pig (no contest!)

  11. It’s a tough call between Peppa and Thomas – really difficult!

  12. Our son loves pepper pig, he snorts every time it comes on lol!

  13. Thomas πŸ™‚ A classic!

  14. Our boys love Thomas, they enjoy each and every program on Milkshake but Thomas is definitely the program not to miss x

  15. My girls love peppa pig πŸ™‚

  16. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    My children love Ben and Holly πŸ™‚ thank you for the giveaway x

  17. Fireman Sam is our favourite character

  18. Little Princess. x

  19. My son loves Peppa Pig


  21. Peppa Pig in our house

  22. Peppa Pig!

  23. Peppa Pig is their favourite at the moment although that changes every few months πŸ™‚

  24. Thomas!

  25. Peppa pig

  26. It has to be peppa pig πŸ™‚

  27. ben and hollys little kingdom x

  28. Peppa is a fave in our household!

  29. Peppa or ben and holly!

  30. Milkshake Monkey she thinks he is hilarious

  31. Thomas and Friends and Peppa Pig!

  32. My little boy loves peppa pig…although has just started jumping in muddy puddles so not sure it is a good idea to watch anymore πŸ™‚

  33. Our son loves Thomas and Friends, but all of Milkshake is usually a hit!

  34. my little one is crazy about all of them, especially bananas & peppa, she adores momo from tobys travelling circus too. we going to see the milkshake live tour next sunday , i think im more excited than my princess is. have to say, my fave is bert & ernie, or abbys flying fairy school (dont think she on this dvd though)

  35. Noddy! But it’s not as good as it was in my day!

  36. My girls love Bananas in Pyjamas πŸ˜€

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