Mindful Eating Challenge

Last week we embarked on a mindful eating challenge. We were given the challenge by Legal and General who organised a five day recipe box to help us on our journey.


Every single day of our lives we cook things that are convenient without giving it a second thought. So many times I’ve wanted to change the way we eat as a family and this year I have really tried hard to focus on losing weight. But mindful eating isn’t just about going on a diet or watching the calories. It’s about thinking about what your body wants and it is so easy to just cave into a packet of biscuits and that’s not what your body wants or needs, but it does crave it.

Here are the five meals I created this week:


Chicken Paella


Tiger Prawn Linguine with Chilli and Sun-Dried Tomato


Pork and Apple Burger with Rosemary Chips


Honey Mustard Sausages, Sweet Potato Mash and Red Onion Gravy


Stir-Fried Chinese Chilli Beef

By following a set meal plan with set ingredients I was able to not exactly think for myself about what I was putting in my mouth, but think about what actually goes into my food. I have never eaten prawns before as I’ve always been terrified of them which I know sounds absolutely absurd but I ignored my initial feelings and took time to think about it. When it came to seeing how they look and feel, cooking them and then tasting them.

This whole week, putting fresh ingredients, fresh veg and meats, into my body has made me feel so much less hungry and bloated. I honestly have not reached for the biscuits or been starving for food come dinner. We’ve also been cooking later and although half the time I’ve really wanted to shove a pizza in the oven, the thought of eating some amazingly tasting and new foods was far too great to miss. It’s been great and I have loved every second of the challenge. We have even ordered our own recipe box to continue the mindfulness because it’s been a really eye opening experience.

Legal & General have created a lovely article on general mindfulness when it comes to eating and food which I definitely think you should take a look at.

* In collaboration with Legal & General *

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