Mini-Me Styling Tips With Abbey Clancy & BABY born UK

Model mum Abbey Clancy, along with her fashion-loving daughter Liberty, has teamed up with top UK doll brand BABY born to celebrate all things fashion and style the lead up to Christmas with exclusive tips for parents and children styling.

Serving up some inspiration on festive fun and outfits to bring joy and sparkle this holiday season, the fashionable duo has also partnered with BABY born to showcase its autumn winter fashion range, making dressing up at home even more fun for little ones!

We were excitingly sent some of their new range including the BABY born Weather Duck Wardrobe and 4 Seasonal Outfit set too. Elsa was so overjoyed about this delivery as she is absolutely obsessed with dolls and dressing them up. 

These are Abbey and Liberty’s top tips for mini-me styling with a little help from BABY born:

1. Coat styling
I love a winter coat, especially in lockdown, it’s a brilliant way to style up my loungewear or hide that I’m wearing my pyjamas! You just need a few items to look stylish at home – a long fluffy puffer and a pair of big biker boots will do! Puffer jackets are perfect this season for the girls too, teamed with big boots they can play in the garden no matter the weather and still look super chic.

2. Mini-me styling
Let me tell you our secret – it’s denim! I love being in a pair of jeans and a simple white vest. When I dress up the girls in jeans and a simple white t-shirt, it looks so effortless and they look so adorable, the ideal simple outfit for around the home and play.

3. Must-have accessory this season
Liberty’s favourite accessory is a headband, she loves to mix and match them to her outfits. Her current favourite is a cat ear headband and she loved that her new BABY born doll had the same headband that she can match with too!

4. Colour of the season
It has been such a hard year for everyone, so I think we should forget a colour this season, instead everyone should shimmer in sparkles – dolls included – to bring some cheer to all! I think we might just wear sparkles every day in December!

5. Festive fun
Whether it’s a lockdown or not, we love a big family Christmas party at home as there are so many of us in the house with the four children. Liberty loves her sparkles, so we make sure we always get our glam on for Christmas Day, in dresses and heels. I usually dress Liberty in a sparkly tutu dress with Converse or her favourite Dr. Martens boots.

Encouraging some festive dressing up at home, BABY born x Abbey and Liberty supports the launch of the amazing new BABY born Weather Duck Wardrobe! Complete with a weather forecast that reflects the four seasons, it helps little ones pick what their BABY born should wear each day. Plus it’s the perfect place to store all of BABY born’s clothing so children can have lots of fun styling themselves and BABY born this festive season!

As you can see Eva and Elsa have had a brilliant time playing dolls together and igniting their imagination. They arrived when we were isolating following Eva having a high temperate, it was a wonderful pick me up!

Disclosure: These items were gifted to us.

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