Mixing Up Play with Petits Filous #MagicSquaresPlaydates

Being a stay at home mum has changed me. I never intended to be a stay at home mum. I wanted to be a working mum and be a role model for my daughters but our circumstances changed. I feel completely privileged to have the opportunity to watch my three daughters grow and be the one they solely depend on for everything.

It certainly isn’t full of play dates, social coffee mornings and days in front of the tv… Ok it may be the tv part some days. It’s a huge responsibility for someone like me. A young person still learning about the world myself. I have got two little people that are watching my every move, attached to my legs or hips continuously and an older daughter who now has homework and reading to complete.

magic squares fun

I try to make our home life fun. It wasn’t always like this and it has only been recently that I’ve been putting in the extra effort with things. House work, my own fitness, adult led activities and socialising have all made it on my weekly schedule. In fact we are pretty busy the majority of the time now. Before I was a complete recluse. Something clicked and things are so much better now and I don’t feel so guilty for snagging a bit of blogging work in the day or putting my feet up with some biscuits and a sleeping baby.

Having three demanding monsters is hard though whilst juggling stay at home mum life and my blog. I want to incorporate all three of them in activities which is hard with the different age gaps and abilities. We tend to focus on art activities like making balloon sun catchers, playdoh, painting but recently we’ve done a bit of role play with superheroes.

magic squares play dates

I’ve also started having play dates now that I have a school age child. I think it is so easy to just let them play, free run of the house and toys and just sort them with whatever they may want or need. But I want P1s friends to go home after having a lovely time and be able to talk about it forever, so I like to mix up the magic of play dates a little by adding an activity. We’ve had biscuit creating before and making sun catchers. They have great fun and it’s a little different.

We’ve also been enjoying some new Petits Filous Magic Squares. Play is tiring work and it’s always nice to sit down with a healthy snack. They come in two flavours; Strawberry & Vanilla and Raspberry & Vanilla. I wasn’t sure if the girls would like them but they totally do! With P2 cutting down her bottles of milk I have been more than happy to offer her these calcium rich yummy delights. I love how the colours make them look a little like a battenberg cake.

petits filous magic squares

It’s hard to find a balance though, things can get “samey” and bored children are never fun children. We go to two toddler/stay and play playgroups each week and the one run by the Children’s Centre like to change around their toys each week. I try to play a different adult led activity each day, whether it’s baking, craft or a picnic outside. I think I’m finally finding my feet as a stay at home mum, even two years into it. We (the kids and I) are starting to make some really great friends in the local area and I feel so social and much happier. Watching my kids thrive as they play is magical.

“This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.


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  1. Making suncatchers sounds great and you seem to have a good balance when it comes to play dates. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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