Monday Sad Face

Feeling the Monday blues terribly this morning.

I’m back to doing the nursery school run for P1. She’s due there for 9:30 and it’s currently 8:45 and I’m not even out the bath yet! Yup, I’m blogging from the bathtub. Luckily, the nursery is only 5minutes away.

I’m really missing my OH too, and that routine of him going to work hasn’t changed. I think it’s because we didn’t see much of each other yesterday, the beautiful sun finally made an appearance which naturally meant my OH had a day out on his motorbike. I took the girls to my Grandparents and then P1 had a friends birthday party to attend. By the time we got home it was practically bedtime for P1 and I was exhausted too!

My mobile app isn’t allowing me to post photos… I’m gutted! Does any lovely tech-wizz know how I can fix this for a self hosted blog?!

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