Money Can’t Buy Love

I was devastated when my fingers puffed up so that I couldn’t wear my engagement ring or my 18th birthday ring for my Grandparents during my pregnancy.

Last Tuesday, I was sat in the doctors having our 6 week check up. Twiddling with my birthday ring when I suddenly realised my engagement wasn’t on my other hand! I panicked to say the least; not only was my OH going to kill me but I’d lost something that had more value than any amount of money could buy.

The ring had been quite loose recently and has slipped halfway down my finger several times – but I’ve always noticed and pushed it back up. This time I clearly hadn’t. I hoped it was maybe in the bathroom when I was frantically trying to multi-task with my towel, clothes and breastfeeding a screaming baby.

When I got to my Grandad’s in tears, I decided to check my changing bag. To my absolute relief – there it was, my beautiful, expensive engagement ring right at the bottom of the bag.

Material things do not matter to me normally. But my ring means just as much to me as the love I have for my OH. I’m now not wearing the ring just incase I lose it again and will be sending it away for more resizing. Do you have a material object that you’d do anything to get back if you lost?

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