My Money Managing Tips

If you know me in “real life” then you will know that my husband is very strict on our budgeting and living costs. I used to think living for the moment was the best idea. I splashed out whenever I had any extra money or my work bonus, instead of thinking ahead about bills. But Hubby is much more sensible with money and plans every tiny penny.

I’d like to think that I’m a bit more careful with my money now. I blogged about making the most of your money here but I’ve put together some tips that have rubbed off on me after living with Hubby for five years:


At the start of each month it is best to write down exactly how much money you have coming in.  Set aside a certain amount for your bills and their dates. Also take into account any unexpected costs, food shopping and what you need to save.


If you have the money available when you receive a bill, pay it! That’s what Hubby says anyway because it’s really awful to spend money and then forget an important water bill. Which could cause you to get into debt. Thankfully there are short term loans available to help you out in this type of situation like Cash Lady, but remember this is a last resort and only borrow what you know you can pay back.


My girls very rarely get bought new clothes from us. I feel very lucky that we have a local Facebook Buy & Sell page where local people sell their old unwanted items. We buy big bundles of clothes from there for my eldest which then get reused on the other two. You can save so much money by buying second hand.



I hate going shopping with Hubby. It takes such a long time. We have store card reward schemes for the major supermarkets and we really do use them to their full advantages. We also buy the basics versions of pretty much everything and will only buy branded food if it is on offer.

Treats and Days Out

If you stick to a tight budget with food and your bills without splashing out on extra chocolate or on food that isn’t on offer then you’ll naturally begin to have a little bit extra spare. This is what you can pop in a savings and save for something like a holiday or going for a takeaway or a meal. The list is endless. Also using the store card reward schemes to buy tickets is a great way to feel like you’ve done good.

What are your money saving ideas?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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