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I have been so impressed at the way P2 has dealt with going to big school. We are at the end of the staggered settling in period where we picked her up at 12pm for a week and then 1pm for the following week. As of next week she will be in school full time.

I thought the excitement may die off for her as she realised what school was all about, but I think it’s just got stronger. The past week has been pretty exciting for her as she got to enjoy lunches at school. One day she even said the Head Teacher sat with her for his lunch. P1 has also made lunch plans with her and they’ve managed to see each other a couple of times, that makes my heart thump with pride.

P2 loves her teachers and is beginning to make some friends too. I wanted to help promote this joy she has for school and was really pleased to be asked to take a look at some of the Letts learning books specifically for P2’s age group (3-5 year olds), Monster Practice series. There’s actually eight books in the series for this age group, all helping to kick start the learning journey for pre-school and school.

We was sent the Phonics and English work books. Initially I was really impressed by the bright and engaging cover. It felt friendly, fun and encouraging. The monster characters are illustrated really well and they are there on each page to join you for learning fun.

I love how each page of the book has a little intro story behind the activity that your child is about to do. It definitely makes learning engaging even I found it really funny. There’s also activities in the book that you can do outside of the book if that makes sense, like making a Sound Shaker. There’s also stickers included of all the monsters.

P2 has really enjoyed working her way through some of the pages over the weekend. She tends to have a short attention span when it comes to doing writing type activities with me but these Letts Monster Practice books did keep her focused for a decent amount of time.

Letts are currently hosting a competition where one lucky winner could get their hands on some Letts KS2 Revision, i-spy and Fascinating Facts books, plus a set of stationery. All you have to do is enter here by picking the Face for Letts next KS2 book cover. It’s a great competition and super easy to enter.

I would highly recommend the Monster Practice books, in fact I love all the Letts learning books if I’m honest. They are brilliant quality and just a fab way of giving your child an extra boost on their educational journey. Each book in the series costs around £3.99 which I think is super affordable!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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