Morning Joys

Two weeks ago, P2 was just a little baby that flapped her arms and legs about and didn’t do much else. Now, I spend my day talking to her a lot more and pulling faces just so I can see that beautiful smile of hers just one more time.

A week ago, she’d only smile in the mornings. Now, she smiles at every silly face or noise I make. It’s a fantastic feeling to wake up and see our little lady with a beaming smile even if it is 6am!

P1 has suddenly become very loving and clingy with her sister. When she cries she frequently tells me that P2 wants boobie. She’s always laying down next to her or holding her hand. It’s very cute and I’m very proud that we are all finally adjusting to life as a family of 4.

Our girls are definitely going to cause trouble for their Daddy… just look at them!

How long after your first/second/third child did things get into a routine and back to normal?

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  1. Love that pic of the two if them together x

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