A Morning Picnic At Eynsford Ford

This week the UK has been hit with a heatwave. Offering us the most sunshine in one go than we have had in over one hundred years, apparently. It has been hitting the thirties for temperature and has pretty much been like living in a hot country. I love it! I am every inch of me a summer person and hate the cold, wet weather with a passion. But we are also a country that doesn’t really cope well in extreme weathers and our house is like a sauna at the moment. We’ve even panic bought a couple of fans as the girls room is very hot.

On Monday, Hubby suggested that after the nursery and school drop off that we would take P3 to Eynsford. There is a lovely Ford or river there that you are allowed to paddle in. We last went in 2015 so we were interested to see if P3 would like it now that she’s older and walking. I gathered up our picnic set, which includes a brilliant sized blanket, cutlery, plates and even a bottle opener all stored inside a generous sized cooler bag.

P3 really enjoyed splashing about in the water. It was already twenty-six degree heat at not even ten in the morning. The water doesn’t come up too high on her so she was able to paddle about and watch the little fish swim past her. She also got the chance to stroke some beautiful dogs that were also enjoying cooling off in the water. I didn’t pack the right footwear for myself so it was quite painful walking up stream towards the tiny waterfall areas but P3 was absolutely loving it.

We stopped for a food break mid-morning. It had got quite busy by about eleven but not uncomfortably busy, thankfully. It was sort of peaceful and a happy morning. I remembered I had a small pot of bubbles in my bag too which P3 really enjoyed. We rarely seem to go out when it’s just P3 with us but I’m so glad Hubby suggested this little activity for us. I definitely think she thrives from one to one attention and she was smiling the entire time.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. Oh, that heat wave was crazy, wasn’t it? My kids struggled with it. I’m sat writing this and I can hear torrential rain outside. We certainly do weather extremes in this country!

  2. A perfect place for a paddle, I keep wanting to find a little place like this near us to go and paddle in. Perfect spot

  3. What a stunning spot for a picnic and a refreshing place for a cooling paddle.

  4. Lovely photos, it looks like you had a great time x

  5. I love an impromptu picnic. Brownie points to your husband for suggesting it!

  6. So lovely that you got to spend some quality time with your littlest xx

  7. hasn’t it been there perfect weather for picnics?! We just need aircon in homes to make it more bearable!

  8. What a beautiful spot for a picnic! I love a good picnic. x

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