A Morning Stroll Around Haysden Country Park

Following a day of feeling numb and confused after England experiencing another terrorist attack, I felt like I needed to just get out. Which is slightly strange as I am worrying so much about crowded public spaces now.

This week the weather is glorious. I’ve dusted off my summer shorts and crop tops even if it may only last a week or so. I’m embracing and enjoying the weather before it disappears again – good old British weather.

We don’t have a garden and it felt silly to do our usual Wednesday morning activity of Jump In where we’d be indoors. It was twenty degrees at nearly ten in the morning! So we decided to try somewhere new to us and headed for a country park that we didn’t really know much about. Haysden Country Park in Tonbridge.

We were so pleasantly surprised. There’s a well equipped playground that has bits for all aged children. We decided to play in the playground first and the girls were running about like crazy. Exploring a new playground has got to be a highlight when you’re a child.

P2 needed to use the toilets, which were surprisingly clean, and as we walked back to the playground I noticed the country park map and some leaflets below. I picked up the children’s nature trail and hoped Hubby would be up for a little adventure.

He was and I honestly had the best of times helping P2 and P3 to spot out the wildlife, ducks and flowers. We also got to have a bit of exercise wandering around the lake and woodland. I even think the girls enjoyed it which was a shock because they usually get bored of country walks pretty quickly.

We headed back to the playground for our picnic that I had prepared. Simple jam sandwiches and some banana bread. We had a lovely morning and it was just a shame that poor P1 was at school for it. Although I’m not sure she’d have been so enthusiastic about a walk as she’s hyper mobile. Here’s a video from our adventures that day:

We had a really chilled out afternoon after our morning stroll. The girls got to cuddle the guinea-pigs and play in the newly bought Poundland paddling pool. I am so excited for the summer and to have consistent warm weather. I want to make this summer our best.

P.S… Do you prefer my photos like this, or do you like the collages I do to collate photos together?

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  1. SOunds like a lovely place to visit 😉

    I prefer individual photos too x x

  2. Looks like a lovely day out. The picnic sounded epic. I haven’t had jam sarnies for ages x

  3. This looks like a really lovely morning out – perfect weather for it too. I prefer the individual photos personally too x

  4. Hi, looks lovely, we’re local but haven’t been there, is it free parking? Swans do fly… I haven’t seen the collage style but I like seeing individual photos unless there are lots on the same thing x

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