Mother & Daughter Horse Riding

It has been just over two months since my middle daughter had her very first horse riding lesson. We made the decision for her to continue horse riding. She took to it like duck to water and we wanted to focus on this skill we feel she has. Each time I have watched her grow in confidence and it’s been lovely. But also every time I have been it has felt somewhat nostalgic.

I used to ride as a child. I think I was probably about P1s age when I did and that is now over fifteen years ago. Every time I watch P2 I have felt this strong desire to ride with her. Make it a sort of mother daughter experience for us. At the same time I didn’t want to steer away from it being focused on her. So I asked the lovely lady who I will call T, if I could maybe have a little ride with P2.

We arrived as usual. T brought out P2s beautiful pony called Summer. Then she lead out this rather tall horse. I felt instant nerves. I had experience and apparently it’s like riding a bike, you don’t forget. As soon as I got up there I started remembering things. I was rusty. But it was lovely to just ride alongside P2 during her lesson, doing my own thing and being out in the sunshine.

Horses are such tranquil creatures. P2 loved me being on her lesson. She kept asking me to follow her. I could hear all the different things she talks about during her lesson and it was really sweet. P2 is doing so well and when she’s motivated enough, she rides by herself without needing to be lead by T. When her motivation lacks, she holds on to the saddle and enjoys a little stroll. She’s hilarious.

I don’t think I will be riding again soon, maybe once every now and again, but it felt really good to do something special with her. What things do you do with your kids?

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