Mr Kipling #BetterWithCake – The First Week of Easter Holidays

We were given the really tough task of eating cakes. I know, terrible! Not just any cakes though, none other than Mr Kipling’s exceeding good ones. I arrived home one day last week to a delicious selection of Mr Kipling cakes; Cherry Bakewells (my favourite), Viennese Whirls (a close second favourite) and French Fancies.


The first week of the Easter Holidays are now over for us, well nearly but P1 is with my Grandad and then my Mum for the next four days so it’s over here for her anyway. As a family, we have a track record of being ill during school holidays, but this one we thankfully haven’t been too bad. Colds here and there, especially in P3 but nothing that was stopping us having fun as a family. We have literally been non-stop since last Saturday. There hasn’t been one day where we haven’t done something.

better with cake fun

We’ve had a trip to London to see CBeebies Live. We’ve had a bouncy castle surprise Easter/Birthday party for hubby. P1 has had physio, a car wash and to the shops with hubby. We’ve been to a local pub for an Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast courtesy of my MiL. We’ve been to a country park and had a mini picnic. We’ve been to my MiLs for chilled time playing in the garden.

better with cake park

When we went to the park yesterday we just had to take our yummy Mr Kipling cakes. They are just the right size for a treat for the kids, and for the parents too!

better with cake home

We babysat my BiL the other evening too and I cooked them some pizza and cheese toasties, and seeing as they all polished off their plates I just had to reward with some cake. I captured the below photo because it represents my life as a parent, I’d come downstairs to find a mess of toys after bedtime and I needed to make light of the situation by eating a Viennese Whirl… Then sitting and staring at the mess for hours later.


I’m meant to be on a diet and so far this Easter has been such a bad time for my weight loss journey. Next week we have nothing planned as of yet and all I’m going to be focusing on is burning the calories of far too much cake and chocolate. For now, I’m going to put my feet up and enjoy a Cherry Bakewell because blogging is far better with cake!

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