Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, Please Shine Down On Me!

We retreated to my MiLs yesterday. After the police had been to take statements about my OHs bike, he desperately wanted to be with his Mum. Understandable. He needed a distraction to the devastation he’s feeling inside.

My OH, of course, is still struggling to come to terms with the fact someone could just so easily take his bike from him and mess his life up for a good few years… Even forever. But he’s smiled today, and that’s something.
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It’s so beautiful when the sun comes out. Everything just seems so amazing. The kids get to play outside and there’s such a wonderful vibe.

We’ve enjoyed a day in the garden today round my MiLs, P1 has had a lovely time jumping in and out of the paddling pool, running in and out of the garden and just generally enjoying spending time with her Uncle.

I’ve enjoyed laying in the sun and sorting some wedding bits out. I’m completely relaxed and also worn out from doing nothing! Yesterday, I took the girls round to my Grandparents to give my OH some space, and P1 did the same; paddling pool, toys, garden, sunshine.

P2 hasn’t been very interested in breastfeeding today, so I’ve offered her some sips of water. She also doesn’t want to be cuddled up, but at the same time she does… It’s been difficult. We had to take her in the car (air-conditioned) to get her to sleep, she also had to be taken for a quick walk too. However, she did fall asleep on my MiL which was very cute!

If it wasn’t for some scumbag stealing the motorbike, we would have had a perfect weekend!
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