Mum Moment

We have entered the dribbly stage of P2s life. It’s not too bad at the moment, but she frequently looks like she’s for rabbis or something. Little bubbles coming out of her mouth, dribbles down her chin, sometimes a wet patch on her clothes near her neck.

It doesn’t help with the fact she has her fingers and sometimes even her whole fist inside her mouth pretty much all the time. So we have to contend with wet sleeves now too!
20130426-013735 PM.jpg
It’s amazing just how much she is developing recently. Really vocal, really smiley (most the time).

I know that a lot of mothers hate other boasting mothers but I don’t care, I’m really proud of her, of us!
20130426-014017 PM.jpg
Despite the behaviour problem we have with P1 at the moment; I couldn’t imagine my life without our two girls. They’ve already become the best of friends… That will clearly alter as soon as P2 starts crawling and not allowing her big sister some alone time! Stealing her toys etc!

That’s going to be a fun development stage for the both of them. I’ll definitely be needing tips on sibling rivalry then!!?

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