Mums Birthday Meal Ruined

We had an awful evening.

It was my Mums birthday meal, her birthday is actually today but we are going away for the weekend. We went to test the food at the place we want for our reception venue. That part was fine.

Something was completely wrong with P2, I tried everything… Boobie, nappy changing, covering/uncovering blankets, rocking, swinging, carrying, bouncing on my lap. My OH also tried all of these. But nothing would settle her. She was literally screaming constantly from the moment we left the house to the moment we came home.

It completely stressed everyone out. We were up and down like a yoyo the whole evening. Then P1 decided she needed some attention and tried to get it in the bad-attention variety. And guess what it was about… Food.

This situation was so unusual. Both the girls have always been so behaved when going to restaurants. I’ve always been so proud of that and boast about it constantly. Last night was an epic fail!

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