The Mum’s Guide to Father’s Day

Over the last 50 years, there’s been a real shift in how things work in the home. Previously, women (mostly) stayed in the house and men went out to work – but, as we know, that pattern is changing dramatically. Nowadays, both partners are responsible for childcare, chores and errands. More than 200,000 British fathers are stay-at-home-dads, and a great many more are juggling part-time or full-time work with domestic responsibilities.

So what does this mean for Father’s Day? Well, seeing as men are likely to be just as strung out by the responsibility and effort of raising a family and keeping a home together, it stands to reason that dads need as much pampering on Father’s Day as mums do on Mother’s Day! If you have young children and a partner you’d like to make feel appreciated for his love and dedication to his family, follow our guide…

Remember it matters. Think it’s all commercial nonsense? It is, but it also represents a lot: Father’s Day serves a greater purpose than just keeping Hallmark’s profits ticking over. Fatherhood is a tough gig, and whether it seems rational or not, recognition for the hardest job of all – parenting – is fair enough! Mark the occasion by having the kids make him a Father’s Day card, and offer him a sincere, ‘thank you for being their dad’ from you.

Take photographs of him and the kids. When your children were first born, you were probably shooting photographs left right and centre. But as they’ve grown older, have you noticed that you’ve been capturing him and the kids less? Arrange a day out and get your finger on the shutter: you can turn your memories of playing in the park, splashing in the sea or even just napping on the sofa together into personalised father’s day gifts to keep forever.

Treat him to something delicious. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we suspect it’s true whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Friday night or Father’s Day! Rustle up his favourite home cooked meal, or take him out to somewhere you know he’ll love. If he’s into burgers, ribs, pulled pork (or meat of any kind), we recommend somewhere like SmokeWorks. The service is laid back and the interior is wipe-able and family-friendly, meaning it would be a great place to go with take the kids along to.

Divide and conquer. Taking the kids away from your other half on a day as meaningful as Father’s Day somewhat defeats the point, doesn’t it? However, there’s no better day to let him kick back and take a little less on. For instance, let him keep going with his dad duties, but lighten his load for the day by running the errands he would usually do, and cooking brunch if he’d normally be in charge of it, for example. Finally, if there’s something he’d desperately like to watch on TV, occupy the kids elsewhere and give him a much needed afternoon off!

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