Musical Fun With Moo Music Sevenoaks

I thought I hated Autumn. I thought I hated the wind, rain and chilly weather. Actually this Autumn, for the first time ever I am embracing it and think that it is actually such a beautiful season. The colours are just so magical to watch beneath your feet and watching the leaves float from the trees is so soothing. But of course there is no hiding from the cooler weather and the need to be slightly more wrapped up.

We used to spend every day at the park during the warmer months but I’ve sort of avoided it lately especially with P3 wobbling between crawling and walking which makes the whole park thing quite frustrating for her. We’ve been really enjoying indoor activities and recently my friend took over the local franchise, Moo Music Sevenoaks.

moo music fun

Moo Music is a fun, interactive music class for under 5s. It promises to be full of fun songs which will get you and your little ones dancing along. Currently my friend Rose is running two classes, both are mixed aged classes, one on a Tuesday morning which is highly messy play focused, and another on Thursday which is music based fun and songs.

When we arrive we are greeted by Rose, asked to sign in and sign a photo consent form. Although Rose is my best friend, she does respect my honesty so this review is going to focus on that and be completely unbiased. The lesson kick starts with the musical fun, an opening song and a chance to play with some musical instruments. It is then followed by a couple of other high movement dances which P2 and P3 love! The first week P2 was very shy but in her usual fashion she is slowly warming up to the dancing side.

moo music messy play

When we went to our trial class last week I was really impressed by all the messy play activities and this week had plenty more. I’ve always wanted to allow the girls to explore different messy activities but the idea of letting the kids loose with jelly, rice and shaving foam sort of scares me! Being able to go to a group where mess is encouraged means that I’m not depriving them of sensory play.

We’ve only been to two sessions so far but P2 and P3 have both really enjoyed themselves and seeing their faces light up is such a lovely feeling. P2s confidence has grown too during just the two times and I love how they can safely explore different textures. At the end of the session the group gets back into a circle for some more singing, dancing and musical fun. There’s bubbles too which is a huge favourite.

2015-11-10 10.18.55

I understand that in this instance Rose is my friend, but I honestly really love this new music group and am so excited to share it with you. Their are Moo Music groups across the country so definitely try out your local one. Please follow Sevenoaks Facebook page for up to date information on the classes. Here’s a video of our session yesterday:


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  1. This class looks great. I love the mixture of music, dance and messy play. I am sure that Little Miss H would love it. We moved to Tunbridge Wells over two months ago and I am still looking for lots of new classes to take Little Miss too. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. Sounds great all that messy play looks like so much fun I need to find some more group like this for me and Lottie! x

  3. This class looks fab! Nothing beats a decent group to take the kids to. I love that they offer messy play, that way you do t have to do it at home and have to tidy up! Xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I think I have an activity EVERY week day. I like the no tidying part… Although I do help out as she’s my friend haha

  4. This looks great, there’s so many activities for them to do! Sophie would love it! x

  5. Wow, that looks ace! I would’ve loved something like that for J. Kids need a time to explore and play freely like that. x

  6. These classes look lovely! I’ve always been abit apprehensive with messy play and we’ve never really done it. Somewhere like this where they can let loose would be ideal for Ava x

  7. This sounds a brilliant class, I love the exploring texture, how fab! Brilliant activities! Kaz x

  8. I love autumn actually, especially this year. The group looks lovely, I have found it quite difficult to find groups that I like for my girls around here – I’m not very good with people so if it’s a bit cliquey or in your face I can’t stand it. I often find messy play sessions quite good because they’re very much child focussed rather than having the focus on the parents gossiping and drinking tea.x

  9. This sounds like lots of fun! I’m actually loving autumn so far, probably as it’s so mild. I no doubt hate it when it gets colder!

  10. Oh this totally looks like my kind of group. What’s not to love about musical fun and messy play as far as kids are concerned? xx p.s. had no idea you were Kent based too! xx

  11. I’m really enjoying Autumn. As well as enjoying the outdoors when the weather allows we too have been looking into new groups and activities to keep us busy. This looks like a brilliant one. Amelia would love all the things to do!!

  12. Awww bless, looks like they had so much fun πŸ™‚

    Gemma xx

  13. I thought the same about Autumn a few years back, but now it gives me a good reason to get out and enjoy all the colours! Plus this autumn has been surprisingly warm too! Looks like the little ones had fun too, Abbie would love all the activities, we don’t do much messy play at home, just means more tidying up but think I just need to loosen up a bit haha x

  14. This sounds like a great interactive class, I wish we had more here as I’d definitely take Harry. We only seem to have the odd playgroup πŸ™ xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m so glad my friend started this. We’ve only been twice but I can’t wait for next week! It’s great fun. She’s bringing baked beans next.

  15. Oh wow! It looks like your girls had such fun! What a great host of activities πŸ™‚ x

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