Must Be Funny In A Rich Mans World

All that is on my mind today is money.

1) My dream of owning my own business.
2) The need to raise a deposit for our own home

I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. Who doesn’t… But I’ve got the real urge to actually go ahead and do it rather than it be a “in the future adventure”. I’ve got a few ideas but I just don’t think they’ll succeed! Maybe I need more faith and to just jump straight in and try it. My ideas are something I can do from home as a tester so I can’t lose much in trying?!

It goes without saying that everyone wants to own their own home. I love being with my parents and love how they are helping my little family but nothing beats having your own space and routines… For both my parents and us. I hate that saving money is such a chore and something I’ve always found difficult. If it’s in my bank… I’ll spend it on rubbish I don’t need! I’m ridiculous. Major clear out and selling spree scheduled to start with.

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