My 26th & Her 4th Birthday Celebrations

When it comes to documenting our personal moments, I’ve become a bit slow. In fact with regards to this one I’ve been six months slow! Back in September Elsa and I celebrated our birthdays, I took photos and videos and completely forgot to share the milestones over here. So here I am, in March, many months after the events to document and share our photos.

It’s my birthday first, 28th September, and the day before we headed to Toby Carvery to have a birthday meal with my Mum, Hubby and girls. It was a nice way to kick start the celebrations.

My actual birthday was a Friday, a normal Mum day. It’s just another day. But it’s also our wedding anniversary too. This birthday I received flowers from Hubby and homemade pressies from the girls that brightened up my day. It was so lovely.

I then spent my evening wrapping little Elsa’s presents and preparing for her big day the following day.

We had to actually wake Elsa up on her birthday. She loves her sleep that child. I loved seeing her face as she saw her Paw Patrol wrapping paper than contained Paw Patrol toys. Her absolute favourite at the moment.

After opening up presents and playing, we headed to the local trampoline park, Jump In to meet Nannie T, Grandad D and Uncle G. It’s a tradition that we do a birthday treat on their birthdays. This was what Elsa had picked.

Afterwards we headed to McDonald’s for Elsa’s treat dinner. We were all pretty hungry and it’s Elsa’s favourite so it made sense to eat there. We then headed home so that Nannie could give her presents to Elsa. Of course the birthday cake which was Paw Patrol.

On the evening of Elsa’s birthday, there was a local fireworks display. We told Elsa that it was for her birthday so she was very excited for that. We went with Nannie, Grandad and Uncle G. It was such a special way to end her 4th birthday!

Then on the Sunday, we invited my family over to celebrate Elsa’s birthday. They kindly brought over a whole feast of party food for everyone to enjoy. We spent the day at home and in the garden just playing and enjoying each other’s company.

We both had thoroughly enjoyable birthdays that we’ll treasure forever. I’m sorry it took so long for me to actually publish this blog post. Check out the video from Elsa’s birthday here:

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