My Baby No Longer Loves Me

Under all the activities and excitement we’ve had the past few days, P3 has had a week where she’s been quite under the weather. The poor little mite has dealt with a lot in her little life already and when this cold hit her, it really hit hard.

All week I’ve been wiping snot from her nose, changing some nasty nappies and trying to soothe her constant cries. I’m not even exagerating, crying has echoed our house with the silence being when she’s sleeping. I’ve hit rock bottom with her and ended up in floods of tears myself. Not through not coping as such but because there was nothing I could do to comfort her and that’s all I wanted. To take her illness away.

On top of that she didn’t smile for four days straight. Not seeing gorgeous face that brightens my day was awful and depressing. Then there was the even more horrible situation of her refusing to nap with me in the day yet quite happy to co sleep at night. I’ve been very tired this week to say the least.

But I think we’re coming out the other side now. Her snot has nearly cleared up and her bottom is not constantly pooping. She’s smiling again which is magical and she’s sleeping in her own bed. However, she still doesn’t want to nap in my arms and she literally screams blue murder if I try. I suppose this isn’t an overly bad thing. It’s meant I’ve been able to get things done whilst she naps but I really miss her! It feels like I’m barely getting cuddles anymore and being able to watch her sleep peacefully.

What strange things do your kids do after an illness?

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  1. Aww! Bless her….So glad to read she’s feeling much better! It’s horrible when little one’s are poorly x

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