My Beautiful OH

I was really quite nervous about how my OH would be with P2. I’d had such a rough time with P1s biological father. My OH is an amazing Dad to P1 but it still made me nervous about how he’d be with sleepless nights and dirty bottoms.

Leading up to the birth we probably spent a lot of time wanting to murder each other 🙂 When the time came and my waters finally broke – my OH amazed me. I was completely wrong to have any anxiety about how he’d cope.

I could not have asked for a better birth partner. He rubbed my back when I needed it, he got me hundreds of drinks and even held the cup for me whilst I took sips, he got a cold cloth for me face and body, he helped to lift me into different positions, he constantly reassured me that I was doing really well, he helped mop up my sick that unexpectedly flew everywhere as he knows I hate sick … After the birth he ran me a bath, he got my clean clothes, he gave me numerous drinks and some snacks … The list goes on.

Since the birth of P2; we have grown closer. Despite the stresses of a newborn and a toddler that is finding it hard to adjust – I feel happier in my relationship. I feel complete. I’ve shed quite a few happy tears whilst looking into my OH eyes!

The past two weeks my OH has shown his true potential. He’s still got me numerous drinks and cooked food for us (something that’s been my role since living with my parents). He’s played and concentrated on P1 which means I can concentrate on looking after myself and P2. If there’s been anything I need he hasn’t questioned it – he’s just done it and been happy to do it. I feel so much closer to him now.

Basically this post is to say a huge thank you to my handsome OH. I could never put into words the appreciation I have for you and how much the things you’ve done these past week have meant to me. It makes me laugh at all the stupid arguments we’ve had in the past because right now you are perfect, we are perfect and have such a beautiful family to be thankful for.

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  1. I love the pictures! Beautiful moments.

  2. Dad’s rock!! Love that picture by the way!

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