My Birthday Wishlist

The other day I actually had to work out how old I’m going to be this year. I seriously couldn’t remember which is quite embarrassing. I’m going to be 23. Each year I put together a little wish list of things I’d love to have, of course some of the things on my list are completely unrealistic but it’s worth a shot. So here goes:

  1. Bed covers – I’m really not fussy… Ok I am, I don’t want anything really pale especially cream or black. I really fancy something bright but sophisticated. Hubby has joked at getting some Frozen covers but I want one place that isn’t child related to snuggle down in.
  2. Mixing bowl & Sieve – This is when you realise your age. We had some cheap ones but they get used as sick bowls and so I end up mixing in my saucepan. I’d love two different sizes and preferably plastic. As for the sieve well I’m into my baking later so this would be nice to have.
  3. Gel nail polish – I was given a UV lamp and a starter kit which I loved last year but there’s only four colours included. I want to build up my range of gel colours.
  4. Wedge sandals – I always wear heels but when the weather is hot I’m stuck with what to wear. I’d love some sandals that both look pretty and give me some height still.
  5. A new car – I really want a 7 seater Range Rover. We currently are at max capacity of our car and need the extra seats to either take friends or family.
  6. New oven mits – This made me laugh. Mine are ugly, stained and not working too well anymore.
  7. Money to get new clothes/new clothes – I’ve lost some weight now. I finally fit size 6 clothes in both top and bottom. Plus, I was given some lovely items from my friend the other week and it’s made me really crave to go shopping for modern up to date fashion.
  8. Perfume – I’ve wanted perfume for a while.  I want something subtle and fruity. But I know nothing about perfume so would settle for anything.
  9. Photography course – I want to learn more about my camera and how to use it.
  10. New camera lens – I only have one at the moment. I’d love a portrait one I think?! Or one that gets better photos of people. See I have no idea, refer to point 9!

So there. A selection for all budgets! I laugh inside. If I just got the bedcovers and a mixing bowl I would be thrilled.

What do you really want for your birthday or Christmas depending on what’s first?

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  1. Haha your birthday pressie is sorted!!!

  2. I hope you get everything you want! I never know how old I am…lol

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