My Blog Turns Four & Goals For 2017

It’s a new year and my blog is celebrating yet another birthday. I have no idea where the past four years have gone. So much has been achieved and blogging has become a way of life and not just a little on-the-side hobby I once had in 2013!

I started this blog purely because I wanted to have a bigger space to write my thoughts in than what the social media outlets could offer me. I never expected for anybody to actually read my ramblings nor did I really want that to happen. This was my place to be honest and free in my thoughts.

The past year my blog has grown incredibly and the opportunities I’ve been given have definitely got bigger. Being invited to Universal Orlando with Virgin was a dream come true and I still have to pinch myself about that every day. We are so lucky as a family and that’s purely owed to this place on the internet of mine.

I wanted to just say thank you to everybody who has been there from the very beginning, to anybody that pops by to read a post and to anybody following my on social media. I appreciate every single one of you. It’s because of you that all of this is possible.

And now on to the next year. I honestly have no idea where we’ll be in our lives by this time next year and that’s pretty exciting and bloody scary too. My mum is due to have a kidney transplant and we have P2 and P3 making big educational leaps. I am definitely a person who likes to make goals or resolutions despite the fact I tell myself every year that I won’t. I usually do goals for the years so it should be 17 for 2017 but I’m sticking to 10 this year, a nice rounded number.

Here goes:

1. Move Home

This is my top goal for this year. I have no idea of it will actually happen, it was on last years goals list too. But for some reason I feel quite positive about our chances. We are rapidly outgrowing our teeny home as the girls grow.

2. Lose 4kg

I am still far from a place where I’m happy with my own body. I do feel more content with myself than I did a year ago, but I’m not ready to settle with the extra inches I have around my tummy and legs. So I’m going to exercise and reduce my food intake properly this year.

3. Have A Schedule

I want to become more scheduled in my blog and my YouTube channel. I think the aim is to post twice a week on my blog, a Monday and a Tuesday on a set time probably around 6pm. Then on my YouTube I want to post pretty much the same but most likely once a week. I’m hoping this will free up more family time.

4. Reach 1,000 Subscribers On YouTube

I think this was one of my goals last year. I didn’t make it unfortunately but I am pretty close! At the time of writing this I am on just over 700 subscribers so I have every hope to reach that milestone. If you’re not already subscribed, please head over there now and click the red button.

5. Have A Romantic Couple Holiday

Hubby and I have never had a romantic child free holiday during our entire relationship. I’ve either been pregnant, with a baby or with all three in tow. I really want to travel away with him and enjoy each other’s company in a new environment. I’d love to go to Amsterdam or France or even somewhere further and hot!

6. Potty Train P3

P3 is currently late potty training compared to P2 but not quite as late as P1 was. I want to get her potty trained before September this year. She starts preschool/nursery then and I just really want her in knickers and being a little bit more independent from me.

7. P2 To Start Big School

I am so excited to find out if we have got P2s school of choice and that hopefully she will join her big sister. She is so excited for big school and I feel really nervous yet ecstatic for her too. Buying school shoes, coats and the uniform. She’s also going to experience the new school build too. 

8. P3 To Start Nursery

I have been looking forward to this September for so long. P3 is an unusual character and I’m pretty interested to see how she adapts to nursery life and life generally without me by her side. It also means I’ll have a few mornings a week with no kids to distract me. The opportunities will be endless!

9. Keep The Family Organised

Towards the end of 2016 our little family became a bit disorganised. I want our home to be a bit more minimalistic, I need to keep on top of play dates and organise more of them, and  I want to keep on top of my emails as and when they arrive in my inbox. 

10. Help With P1s School

This is something I feel very guilty about. I’ve never helped at P1s school and I’ve never been on a school trip with her. I want this year to change and by December next year I want to have helped at least once and go on a trip with her. I’m hoping this may stop P1s bullying situation too, if I make myself visible.

So there we have it. 10 goals which I think are quite reachable. I am so excited to see what 2017 has to offer us as a family. What are your top goals for this year?

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  1. They sound like some lovely goals. I can’t believe P3 goes to nursery this year!

  2. some ace goals, good luck with them all x

  3. Happy birthday to your your blog and wishing you the best of luck in achieving everything this year!

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