“My boobies are the size of my baby’s head!”

My boobies are the size of my baby’s head! Bigger in fact and whilst inside a bra are quite attractive. Oh but there’s nothing glamorous about my boobies. They’re full to the brim, they’re firm, they’re leaking and they’re so painful that if anyone or anything touches them they’re likely to lose a limb.

Yup, my milk has well and truly “come in”. I’d started to get quite worried when the milk first arrived. My right boob had gone into overdrive and was already showing signs of being clogged. I thought it would die down by itself but even hubby had suggested I express a tiny bit. I refused. I know from experience it would make the problem worse as my boob would think it needed to produce more. So I just massaged and hoped and fed despite the pain. I fed two to one to help empty the breast and get things flowing again.

It’s day 3 and finally I think my right boob has calmed down. I haven’t got hard, tender areas under my armpits preventing me from closing my arm so that must be a good sign. It’s really funny because with P2 it was my left boob that always caused me such a problem, my right one was the teeny and floppy empty feeling one. They’ve switched roles this time.

My boobies are clearly doing a good job as the midwife weighed P3 yesterday and at 4 days old she’s weighing 1oz more than birth. This shocked my midwife as she said most babies lose in the first two weeks, but I explained that P2 hadn’t lost any weight either. Clearly it’s all those Jaffa cakes I’ve been eating…

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  1. hahaha! I had to chuckle at this post….Jaffa cakes make everything good!
    Hope you are all well apart from the big, sore boobies x

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