“My daughter is far stronger than I will ever be”

Children are amazing little creatures. The strength they have and the determination is incredible. I saw all of this inside my tiny 5 year old daughter when she went through her growth hormone test yesterday.

We arrived at the hospital at 8:45am. My Grandad came to support whilst hubby had P2 for the day. P1 hadn’t asked for food or complained that she was hungry. I honestly thought that the hunger was going to be the most difficult for us all to cope with.

Then it was time to have her cannula put it. I’d applied the special numbing magic cream to her arms and hands before we left so the nurse reassured P1 that it wouldn’t be painful. She’d been really brave up until then, she panicked and caused a bit of fuss. However, a nurse distracted her with The Jungle Book story whilst I held her tightly. Like we said, it didn’t hurt and she was bandaged up. Her blood sugar level was taken at 3.8 which is apparently quite low but considering she’d not eaten since last night so it wasn’t a concern. She then had the growth hormone injected into her thigh which again she was very scared about and kicked around.20140417-125419 pm.jpgFrom then, every hour and every half past the hour she had three tubes of blood taken from the cannula. At first P1 was bright and playing games with us and her blood sugar levels had peaked to 7.8. We’d taught her how to play Top Trumps and some colouring but by about 11am she became very drowsy. Her blood sugar was now 2.4.20140417-125503 pm.jpgP1 was then in and out of sleep for the next 3 tests. Then at 12:30 it was finally time for her to start to eat again. Her blood sugars had started to increase to 3.3 but the nurse needed her to eat slowly as she may bring it straight back up.20140417-125552 pm.jpgAt first she had a few sips of Ribena to bring her sugar up slightly and give her a little energy. She was very tired and feeling quite ill at this point. Then we opened up her lunchables of cheese and ham with biscuits. Seriously, it’s just amazing how food controls the body because as soon as she’d finished her lunchables P1 was back to her normal self. Happy and chatty! We were allowed to go home just after 2pm.

It was a very emotional day watching P1 fade. My daughter is far stronger than I will ever be. She didn’t complain of hunger, she didn’t put up too much of a fuss and she was so behaved the whole day. She’s an inspiration!!!
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