“My days feel very long and my nights extremely short”

My life lately has been super busy but not in the sense of actually going out very much. We haven’t done very much of that but yet I feel like I can’t breathe. My days feel very long and my nights extremely short with P2 and P3 waking so frequently, mainly P2 may I add. 


We’ve been cooking with Hello Fresh for the past two weeks and I think that’s slightly to blame for my days feeling so blooming long as by the time the kids are in bed and I can cook it is well gone 8pm. But it is also my new cleaning routine too. I wake up in the mornings, especially now with school back, and it is literally all systems go until the very end of the day when my head touches the pillow. I’ve been really enjoying our Hello Fresh meals as I am eating things I previously would never even think about touching but they are very time consuming.

We have fallen into a routine with P3 that works really well for us as a family and because of that when things get slightly muddled up it puts everything out of place. It happened for us just before the weekend when P3 was woken up by P2 and wouldn’t settle back for over an hour. This meant she was very tired the following day, waking earlier and having her naps early. It has literally taken the whole weekend to play catch up and today was the first proper day where her routine has fallen back into place. I really never wanted to be that person that is governed by a routine and this past week proved to me why. It’s been hellish and physically draining but I hope we are through that now.


Blogging has taken a little knock back this week and especially over the weekend. I’m sat here typing this at nearly 11pm and that is the first time I have properly sat and blogged since Friday. I am usually on my laptop the majority of the day and all evening doing various things for my blog. I have had time to think whilst I’ve been cleaning and doing other odd bits and bobs that I really do need to focus more on the personal blogging as I used to post twice daily about the things we’ve done.

I don’t think I sat down for longer than 5 minutes the entire day today. It started with school runs, tidying the house, cleaning the house, entertaining very emotional baby and an over tired toddler. We went to Gymboree after P3s morning, on schedule, nap which was lovely as always and then we got home, had a snack and I paid for P1s swimming lessons, then we were straight back out again to the park. I then had to get P2 to sleep because she was just too emotional which happened to fall when P3 was having her nap so for about 20 minutes I had complete silence in the house which was very odd. I folded clothes washing and organised some emails. The afternoon was then about folding the rest of the clothes whilst juggling children.

I think this post sounds quite negative actually, I do enjoy my life right now and being busy is so much more rewarding than sitting on my backside. I think I need a good nights sleep and some time to myself to fix my mood up. I have a Zumba class tomorrow evening, my first which I’m quite nervous and excited about as I’ve completely neglected my workouts and need to get that back on track as soon as possible.

Do you ever feel like life gets right on top of you and you just need a pause button to be able to catch up?

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