My First Pizza from Little Dish A Review

We eat pizza a lot in this family. Pizza (and pasta and cheese) are always available and are my “go to” food for a quick meal when time is rushed or the kids are screaming the house down where I’ve forgotten the time and it’s nearly bed time but their tummy’s are hungry. We very rarely order a takeaway pizza but we eat frozen ones. I do worry that the kids aren’t getting enough healthy options on days like these, days when life is just so busy which is a lot. Little Dish have created the first ever children’s healthy pizzas and being avid pizza eaters I was glad to be chosen to try them out.

little dish my first pizza

We were sent three pizzas- Classic Margherita, Mini Meatballs & Veg and Pesto Chicken & Veg. We were also given a children’s pizza cutter, a cute hat, colouring pencils and a colour-in table cloth. I decided to do something a little different for dinner, and although the plain cheese pizza was used for one of our rushed meals, the other two pizzas were going to take part in a pizza picnic. We don’t have a table you see.

drawing colouring

They take around 12 minutes in the oven from chilled and a little bit longer if frozen, about 18 mins. This gave the girls plenty of time to colour in whilst they waited. Even P3 got involved carefully watching her sisters and copying.

my first pizza

The Little Dish My First Pizza range are made from 100% natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives added and also no added sugar. There are plenty of veg in the toppings which they wouldn’t normally get to eat, the Pesto Chicken pizza has butternut squash and grate mozzarella and the Meatball Pizza has butternut squash and spinach! The base also has a blending of carrot puree which means that every pizza provides one of your child’s 5-a-day. To me this takes away the guilt of giving my kids a simple meal to make life easier not healthier, this is a healthy and a quick option.

cutting pizza

The real question is whether the kids actually like healthier pizzas. Hubby and I also tried a slice to make sure I could give a proper account of the flavours and textures. The Margherita Cheese Pizza was delicious, the base is very light and easy to chew almost like uncooked bread. You couldn’t really taste the carrot puree although it was very clear that it was different to the usual tomato you get. The Mini Meatballs and the Pesto Chicken pizza both tasted nice but visually were not so attractive. This put P1 off as she didn’t know what the green bits or orange bits were and P2 actually went as far as picking her green bits off. P3 however managed to eat pretty much half a pizza to herself and was taking slices off of her sister’s plates too!

eating pizza

I really love the size of the pizza, it’s just 5 inches which to me is a perfect snack, or exactly the right size for one child. I hope that they do bigger packs of say 4 in one box because they cost £2.50 per pizza. These will be available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, ASDA and from 7th September 2015 and I do think we’ll opt to getting these for the girls in future so that I know they are getting one of their five a day of veg and also that I do have a backup plan for a quick meal in the evenings.


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